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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Doctor's Appointment I am rejoicing that they didn't find anything wrong with Mason, however we aren't really further than we were before we went. She checked him for hand/foot/mouth disease and that was negative. She ended up finding that his bug bites are "normal", she said that he is just going to be that allergic to them--that's not good, but she did say that we can use bug spray on him to try to keep him from getting bit. The rash under his chin is from throwing up, like I thought. So, we are treating the bites and the rash with Hydrocortizone cream--hopefully they will be better in a few days. As for the throwing up, she thinks he is teething which is causing him to throw up more. Apparently, babies who are teething swallow a lot of drool and for babies with acid reflux it causes more acid. She wanted us to try the baby Zantac again. Since the first time he was on it he was only 6 weeks old his system probably couldn't handle it, but now that he is older she thinks it won't mess with him anymore. Pray that is true!! Overall, we know that he is healthy and happy--just masked under throw up, two big red dots and a little red rash!

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