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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mason's 4 month check-up!

Wow--where did the time go. It seems like yesterday we were taking him in for his 48 hour visit. It's amazing how fast the time goes but how some moments are frozen in time. Well..since Mason is part of a research study for immunizations (not experimental ones, just on the time that a booster should be given) we have advantages that "normal" patients don't. When we walk in we get a special nurse who also happens to be our personal contact that we call her direct line for everything! First, they wanted to weigh him of course, this is the scariest moment for me, because as most of you know he has been "under weight" since the hospital. Our doctor hasn't been concerned thus far but last time he told me we needed to monitor it. Well...he was 13.5 lbs, which is on the chart and good. He is 25 inches long, which is good too. He had to have three shots today...but he took it like a trooper! He gets Snoopy bandaids (that will come back up later on). Dr. Andrews said everything looked great and we had a perfect baby, but we already knew that. The best part....the nurse came in with an envelope and said "this is for you". I looked in it and it was a check for $100. Because he is in the study, not only do we not have to pay for appointments, we also get compensated for our time and travel! That was a great surprise.

Anyway, moving on. When we got home Mason slept most of the afternoon and evening until bath time. I woke him up for his bath but decided to read before bath tonight because Bobby had bought him some new books and I was anxious to read them. (Normally Bobby reads but tonight Mason got 2 for 1 and we both read to him.) Bobby bought a nursery rhyme book that has every rhyme you can imagine in it! This is a great book. I started reading and found that Mason couldn't stop laughing at it. I read everything from Peter Piper to Old McDonald to Little Jack Horner. He had the biggest smile and he just loved it. Bobby finished Old McDonald and read a few more to him before bath time.

Bath time is one of my favorite, if not the favorite, times of day. It was a normal bath except I had to take his bandaids off....which I HATE to do. First, Mason felt like he needed to turn sideways in his bathtub with his feet hanging off one side and his head hanging off the other..which again he laughed at! After I turned him about 4 times he finally stayed the way he belonged and it was time to remove the 3 Snoopys he had. (I am convinced he is going to grow up with a complex about Snoopy because that is what they use for shots) I told him it was time to take them off and he was so still while they came off and they peeled right off in the soapy water. The funny thing is I held them up for him to see and he made the sadest fast...he got the lip like he was about to cry, not because it hurt, but because now they weren't on him anymore! So apparently he likes having green dots all over his legs!

Every day I realize how blessed I am but there are moments like that when I think I am the luckiest mom in the whole world!

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