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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Medical Emergency Avoided...

Well....things have been really busy for us lately. Beth's grandpa passed away on Sunday morning so we have been running here and there since we got back from NC on Sunday. Sunday night Bobby fed Mason his cereal and Mason wanted to play...I assume that he thought Daddy was more fun than Mommy. While he was eating he got some cereal in his eye. During his bath I washed his face thinking it was all out, but he kept rubbing it. When I took him upstairs to put on his PJs I noticed that there was a HUGE glob of cereal in his eye. Every time he blinked you could see it and then it would go back under his top lid. I was scared it would scratch his eye! I called my mom (she works for a ophthalmologist) and she said to flush it out with water. The only thing we had to squirt water with was an unused medical syringe. Bobby filled it with bottled water and pushed it out...we didn't realize how forceful the water came out! Lets just say that Mason was more than shocked when the water came flying at his eye! We had to do it about 10 or so times to get the cereal out....about 3 times into it he would flip out at the water squirting but then laugh! Of course, us being the new parents we are, we grabbed the camera to capture this moment.
Mason is good...he acts like nothing ever happened. I think it was way more traumatic for Mommy and Daddy than Mason!

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