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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well...the doctor said that Mason has a bad virus. He's worried that it could easily turn to something worse, so we need to watch him and take good care of him. He did sleep better last night after....cranking up the heat, a SudaCare plug, a humidifier, sucking his nose then pumping it full of saline, Tylenol and Benedryl and propping him up on his Boppy to sleep! That seems like a lot...but that was all doctor ordered! His cough is still really bad and he is still getting choked a lot....hopefully that will start to clear up!

So basically we are in a waiting game to see if it starts to get better on its own. If it isn't any better by tomorrow we have to go back to the doctor and if it isn't a lot better by Thursday we have to go back!

Hopefully, there will be continued improvement! He's so pitiful because he can't breathe and coughs so bad....bad thing is we still find it cute! (everything he does it cute)

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