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Monday, October 27, 2008

Mother verses Mommy!

The dictionary defines a mother as "a person that performs the tasks or duties of a female parent". The more I think about this the more I think the dictionary may say that is what a mother is but they have no clue about being a MOMMY!

I thought I had figured out what being a mother was....I have done the middle of the night feedings, the 15 diaper changes a day, the 3 loads of laundry a week, the playing blocks in the floor, the trips to the park, the singing songs and of course, the (what seems like endless) feedings. But last night I realized there is a BIG difference between a Mother and a Mommy!

Since Bobby and I have been married we have never slept apart other than one of us being on a trip and we can't avoid it...but last night I slept upstairs so I could be close to Mason. You see, a few days ago he got the sniffles, well yesterday it turned into a very croupy cough and he couldn't breath...he kept choking while trying to breathe. We tried to put him to bed but he kept waking up crying because he couldn't breathe well...we thought of putting him in bed with us but Me, Bobby, 2 dogs and a baby is a bed full! So I went upstairs to sleep...after having to get up and go calm him down several times from coughing and choking I finally decided to put him in bed with me and Sadie (Apollo slept downstairs with Bobby). He woke up every hour coughing and crying because he couldn't breathe.

Somewhere about 4 am I realized that this is what being a Mommy must be about. I didn't sleep, but it was okay...I spent the whole night with him on my arm which eventually went to sleep and I couldn't feel it anymore, but it was okay...I patted him until I thought my arm would fall off and then...I patted him some more and still it was okay! I realized that no matter what I had to sacrifice it was all worth it if he could sleep just a little better! I realized that I could do without a lot of things if it made his life just a little easier! I realized I was holding my world in my arms!!

So after a night of all I am very tired and worried about Mason! He is still not breathing well and coughing a lot. He can't eat without choking because he can't eat and breathe at the same time. He is sleeping off and on, but he has to sleep sitting up cause it seems to help a little with the coughing. We are waiting to go the doctor at 2:15..hopefully he can give him something to help "break up" the junk. I will try to get something posted to update you all on what the doctor says.

I can say that I get it now....I love my little Buddy!!!

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