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Saturday, October 4, 2008

The peas go in and....they're a keeper!

After the doctor's appointment on Friday, Mason was "approved" to move on to food! He doesn't want to stop any breast feedings so he will be breastfeeding five times a day (one being wake up and one being bedtime) and eating breakfast, lunch and dinner of baby food...that's a LOT of feedings to handle, but it's all good. It was an exciting day for the Noble household. I left the doctor and went to the store and got one jar of everything....I figured I would try all of them to see what he likes best. I am planning on making my own baby food, but I want to see what he likes before I go buy all those fresh veggies and fruit. We started with peas....they smell horrible! I couldn't stand the smell so Bobby fed him! I tried but just couldn't do it. He liked the peas...he's had them twice so far and really likes them. Saturday I tried squash...he didn't like that so much, however I gave them to him again on Sunday night and they went over much better. I have decided to do fruit in the morning and veggies for lunch and dinner. I don't want him to get used to peas and carrots for breakfast! Sunday morning I tried prunes...he LOVED those!! And yes...they worked wonders by Sunday night. That's another good poop was EVERYWHERE!!!! Sunday night was the squash again. This morning was bananas...WOW he ate the WHOLE jar....that is by far his favorite so far! They smelled bad too..I'm thinking I need to make my own baby food so I can stand to feed it to him! Needless to say, the food has gone over very well with him. He loves to eat. It's great!!

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