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Friday, October 24, 2008

Rub-a-Dub-Dub...a ducky is my tub!

Mason's Papa, my Daddy, gave Mason a ducky bathtub long before he was born. It is the cutest quacks when you press his beak. Mason finally got to where he was trying to move around in his bathtub but couldn't because of the hump in the middle. So, I decided to get out his "big boy" tub. He LOVED it. He normally has toys that he plays with, however now the bathtub itself has become his toy. He likes to blow on the side like we blow on his belly to make noise! There is a plug in the bottom that I open to let the water out. I did this while he was in the tub and you should have seen his face when he noticed all the water was draining out. He's so smart, he grabbed the cap and tried to put it back on...I guess he thought if he stopped it from draining somehow that would fill the tub back up! He loves bath time but now it's even funnier to watch him in his ducky!

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