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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Camo makes everything better....

Well....this is officially his first bandaid worthy boo boo and Mommy gave it to him! When I was undressing him last night for bath the zipper on the front of his outfit caught his skin on his chest. There was a little blood and a lot of tears but he is okay now. I put some antibiotic ointment and one of his camo bandaids on it and he is all better now! I hope it will heal up without a scar!!! He doesn't even act like anything happened...I think it hurts Mommy more than Mason!

Why sit when you can stand?

Mason has crossed over into the realm of standing! He would much rather stand now than be sitting. The first thing we wants to do when Daddy gets home is stand up...for some reason standing with Daddy is way more cool than standing with Mommy! He is trying to pull up on everything. I went in his room the other day and he had his bumpers almost off and trying to get up and escape! He is so happy when he stands, like he made the biggest accomplishment! It is the cutest thing to see that big smile when he realizes what he has done. I know it won't be long before he lets go and takes those first steps!

Pumpkin Carvin' with my Daddy

Bobby and Mason carved a pumpkin for our front porch for Halloween...well Bobby did more of the carving and Mason played with a pie pan on the floor next to the pumpkin but he never took his eyes off Daddy! He was intrigued when it was lit up. I think this has officially become a yearly thing for us!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Halloween was so much fun! Mason loved it...well until he fell asleep half way through! He was the cutest pumpkin I have ever seen! Once he figured out that they put stuff in his bag he was so excited. He started shaking the bag over and over...I assume to hear the candy rattle. About half way through Bobby held him to warm him up and of course, he fell asleep...well that doesn't mean that the candy should stop, so Benton took his bag and continued on! By the end of the night he was tuckered out! It was so much fun for us and Mason!

I am going to try something new....for all those times where there are too many pictures to add to the blog (like now)...I have created an online photo album (you can save the photos the same way you do on here). I hope this works and is a little easier to get all the great moments we have captured!