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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Halloween was so much fun! Mason loved it...well until he fell asleep half way through! He was the cutest pumpkin I have ever seen! Once he figured out that they put stuff in his bag he was so excited. He started shaking the bag over and over...I assume to hear the candy rattle. About half way through Bobby held him to warm him up and of course, he fell asleep...well that doesn't mean that the candy should stop, so Benton took his bag and continued on! By the end of the night he was tuckered out! It was so much fun for us and Mason!

I am going to try something new....for all those times where there are too many pictures to add to the blog (like now)...I have created an online photo album (you can save the photos the same way you do on here). I hope this works and is a little easier to get all the great moments we have captured!

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Anonymous said...

Hes so cute!!!