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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Potty Time... I know many of you are going to criticize right now with him sitting on the potty so young, but oh well! It works! He has been amazed by this potty in his room, so we decided to try it out. The first time we used it we saw him trying to go potty in his diaper so we rushed him upstairs and put him on the potty...he went stinky. After that...the next day we sat him on the potty and he knew exactly what to do, he did both in the potty pretty much as soon as he sat down. It is amazing how now he knows what that potty is for! He gets the funniest look on his face once he knows what he did. He's so proud of himself!! He is so cute sitting there too!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That's so cute!

He's so smart--I do my own stunts :).

Ok, so one day when we have kids, I am hiring you for potty training :)!