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Thursday, September 25, 2008

WARNING: Poop Story

For those of you who don't want to hear about baby poop, please redirect yourself to another page!

I know that baby poop is probably the last thing you want to read about, however today was the WORST experience I have every had with changing Mason's diaper. As most of you know, we have had issues with Mason going we don't complain when it happens. Well, today it happened!!

Like a lot of times, the poop had leaked just a little on his clothes, so I needed to change them. When I undid his diaper there was more poop than ever before. I don't see how all that came out of him! Needless to say, it was a mess to clean up. I used baby wipe after baby wipe and it still was stuck to his bottom. (He is a breastfed only baby so his poop isn't like adult poop yet) In the midst of trying to "scrub" it off, Mason decides to start moving his feet, which gets poop all over both of them. As if that wasn't enough, he stuck his hands "down there" and got them covered in poop and wiped it all over his belly. He even had poop in his belly button! The more I wiped the more I found. After I got done I went to put a new diaper on and all I could smell was poop. After all that wiping, I now had a poop free baby that smelled like poop!! The smell wouldn't go away. I finally had to put him in the bathtub! I just sat him in the shower and started washing. I eventually got all the poop smell off. Mason is now radiating a wonderful "baby" smell!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Okay...Sadie and Apollo are two adorable puppies, but these are the two cutest puppies I have EVER seen!!!


I would say that Mason had a milk mustache, however that would only be half accurate. As many of you know, Mason has acid reflux pretty bad so he throws up A LOT! It has become second nature in our home and it is not a big deal anymore--even to Mason. He has learned how to throw up and keep his pacifier in his mouth at the same time! His passy is like a plug, but when he throws up the pressure behind it causes it to "spew"--that causes the throw up to come out in all different directions. We looked at him and noticed that he had thrown up and it had spewed like normal but this time it left a throw up mustache. It was so nasty but funny at the same time!

Medical Emergency Avoided...

Well....things have been really busy for us lately. Beth's grandpa passed away on Sunday morning so we have been running here and there since we got back from NC on Sunday. Sunday night Bobby fed Mason his cereal and Mason wanted to play...I assume that he thought Daddy was more fun than Mommy. While he was eating he got some cereal in his eye. During his bath I washed his face thinking it was all out, but he kept rubbing it. When I took him upstairs to put on his PJs I noticed that there was a HUGE glob of cereal in his eye. Every time he blinked you could see it and then it would go back under his top lid. I was scared it would scratch his eye! I called my mom (she works for a ophthalmologist) and she said to flush it out with water. The only thing we had to squirt water with was an unused medical syringe. Bobby filled it with bottled water and pushed it out...we didn't realize how forceful the water came out! Lets just say that Mason was more than shocked when the water came flying at his eye! We had to do it about 10 or so times to get the cereal out....about 3 times into it he would flip out at the water squirting but then laugh! Of course, us being the new parents we are, we grabbed the camera to capture this moment.
Mason is good...he acts like nothing ever happened. I think it was way more traumatic for Mommy and Daddy than Mason!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Not so much..

Mason loves his sleepy time (as you can see), not so much the waking up time!

Loving the Froggy!

The following is what Bobby calls "the froggy". This is how I used to sleep as a child. He does this quite often. I LOVE my "little froggy".


What can I say, Mason loves to play!

This past Sunday we bought him a jumper. It has more activities than he knows what to do with! He loves it. He has finally figured out that if he jumps he bounces. I have to say...who ever thought up this toy was a genius.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Well...I think this says it all......he loves his cereal!

Eating House and Home...

We have come to a new stage in our household...the I will eat anything I can get my hands on. It seems like Mason is getting to where breastmilk no longer satisfies him enough. Even with cereal he is waking up earlier and earlier and he seems to be hungry more often. I thought it may be a growth spurt, but it has gone on for a while now. He's chewing a lot, which I assume is from teething, but this is wanting to eat! He would eat the dog if I let him! I can't wait until we take him back to the doctor and he tells us we can start him on baby food..maybe that will help. The doctor didn't want us to change anything about his diet until we go back, I guess because of him throwing up. We did take a very big step on Sunday....he tried sweet tea. It was watered down. I was holding him and he wanted the when someone took him from me I gave him just a little and he absolutely LOVED it!!! He couldn't get enough. I only gave him a little since I didn't know how he would handle it. I think I will leave that out to the doctor. ; )

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

God is Great!

I am sitting here watching my beautiful son sleep and am thinking about how amazing God is. It is hard for me to comprehend how the love between Bobby and I can be shown through such a perfect little boy. He is the perfect combination of Bobby and I, from his blue eyes that come from me to his little toes that are exactly like Daddy's! Everyone said you can't understand the love of a child until you have one...well, now I understand that. Loving Mason is a new love that I could never have imagined. Sleeping is probably my favorite thing but I would give it all up just to see him sleep. I find getting up early in the morning is all worth it when I walk into his room to peak over the crib to see him smiling up at me! Bobby and I tried for a long time to have a baby. We tried to keep reminding ourselves that everything happens in God's time, that was hard to understand...but now that too makes sense. If things would have went by our time line it would be a lot different. Now, we have a house and I am lucky enough to be able to stay home with Mason. After cleaning up poop four times a day or changing outfits multiple times because of throw up or trying to soothe a crying baby that is teething....God will give a moment of calmness with a smile from my beautiful baby boy to remind me I would do everything fifty times over just to see that smile!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Where are those teeth?

Mason loves his teethers--until it starts to melt. I think his gums are really bothering him lately. He wants to chew on anything and everything. When he chews on your actually is pretty rough. I hope those teeth come in fast and easy for him!

Catching up....

I thought that you may be wondering what is going on with his throwing up....well....about the same. Actually, it seems to be a little better; he is only throwing up about half as much as he was! He is waking up earlier and earlier...I think that may be because of him teething. The Zantac hasn't stopped him going to the bathroom...or at least it seems not to be effecting it. In the beginning it seemed to be messing with him but now he seems to be okay. He is eating cereal that is much thicker now and LOVES it. I didn't think it was possible that he could like it any more than he did, but I was wrong. He absolutely loves the "thick stuff". He is doing great and is Mommy and Daddy are doing great and are happy!


Mason has done it...he has moved up to the "big-boy" side of his tub. Last night he seems to want to sit up the entire time he was in the bathtub, so I sat him on the side that sits up and he loved it. He liked being able to sit up and play with his ducky. He's growing so fast!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Game Day!

Well...I'm sure all of you know by now that the Official Kickoff of Clemson Football didn't go the way that we had planned! Despite the outcome we still were decked out in orange and pulled for the Tigers all the way! As you can see, Mason is definitely loving the Tigers as much as Mommy and Daddy!!