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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Bobby had a conference in Orlando at the beginning of January, Mason and I were lucky enough to tag along! The weather was beautiful, 85 degrees and sunny! Mason was a little fishy, he LOVED the water. I took him swimming in his float and he actually fell asleep one day cause he just loved the sunshine! He would splash Mommy and dunk his face and he just laughed. One night Bobby was able to take him swimming and he taught Mason to go underwater! Bobby took him under 4 or 5 times and Mason held his breath and came up smiling every time. He kept leaning over to do it again! He loves anything he does with his Daddy! The last day we were there we went to Kennedy Space Center. It was great! Mason watched so intently (he did take a short nap). Below are some awesome pictures from KSC. I didn't take the camera to the pool so I don't have good pictures of that, just cell phone pictures and you know how they turn out. All 3 of us had a great time...we've decided we are spending every January in Orlando!!

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