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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

1 Year Check-Up

Today we had Mason's one year check-up. Everything went really well. He had two shots today...not as bad as I was expecting! We found out that he was in the group from the study that received the Meningitis shot today, so he will get the Chicken Pox and MMR next visit. That's in 3 weeks....we will have blood drawn and two more shots (that should be a fun appointment)! Bobby is definitely going to that one!

Since he got the vaccine today we have to keep a dairy for 7 days. It's not an experimental vaccine, just the timing of the vaccine, that's why we have to go back in 3 weeks to have blood drawn...they are going to check to see if he has immunity. Don't worry...they numb it first with cream!! We have to track the size of any redness, temperature, rate the pain and rate the appetite/sleep levels. It really isn't that bad...especially since we get paid to go to the doctor.

So, he wasn't as big as I thought he was! He's a little guy. He weighs 19.4, that's in the 5th percentile. He is 29" long, that's in the 25th percentile. His head is 48.9, that is in the 95th percentile. He wasn't worried at all about his weight. He said he is healthy and looks good. He wants up to come back in 3 months to re-chart his head. He said he doesn't see any reason to worry, but he just wants to keep an eye on it.

He did have Mason do some "developmental" things. He had him walk and wave bye. He had him say "Ahhh". Of course, he passed with flying colors! He said he was great developmentally!

It was a really good visit! He is doing great!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

BIG BOY!! we have officially made it to the "big boy" stage! I know he isn't quite one but he is ready to be a big boy. He has quickly moved from all things "baby" and it seems like he left them in the dust! He didn't just turn away from those things...he ran!

Two Sundays ago was the last time he breastfed. I was worried about dropping the bedtime feeding...but he wasn't. I was worried he wouldn't sleep well...but he wasn't. I was worried he would wake up "needy"...but he wasn't. It seems like that change was far more worrisome for Mommy than Mason! He was fine from the first night. I tried some warm milk at bedtime, but he didn't want it, so now we have substituted feeding for a book and rocking. He goes down as soon as we say our prayers and he falls right to sleep!

He is also now totally on whole milk. He doesn't seem to like it very much....I've tried everything (even Ovaltine mixed in). He is getting better and drinks it well with each meal. I "sneak" in the dairy several other places throughout the day. He LOVES his Yo-Baby yogurt! He also eats cheese mixed in things. I also make his oatmeal with milk in the morning. Tonight we tried cottage cheese (one of mommy's favorites) he seemed to like it okay...we will keep trying and eventually he will love it!

He is moving along in the food department. He pretty much eats anything we eat (minus the nuts and honey...and occasional steak). He loves spaghetti and rice-a-roni. Bobby has introduced him to the Easter cakes by Little Debbie...he LOVES those (probably because it's nothing but sugar). He loves cookies, all kinds...animal crackers, the butter cookies and even chocolate chip ones!

His latest feat is climbing! He is trying to climb anything that he can. Today I watched him push his walker (the mail thing) over to the chair, then push his Leap Frog table over beside it and then climb up on both until he could get onto the soon as he saw me watching him he climbed down!

The most talked about.....the walking! He is moving right along in that area too. I think he is skipping walking and going straight for running. He has taken steps before...he has walked across the room before...but it's like he found crawling much less work. He thought crawling got him there faster. Well, Saturday he finally decided the walking thing works! He is now walking like crazy (of course, when he gets tired he still crawls).

Needless to say, Mommy's days are filled with a "big boy" who is ALWAYS on the go!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mason's First Snowfall

From the title I assume you can guess that these are pictures from Mason's first snowfall! We bundled him all up in his snow suit and took him out...he loved for it to hit his face but couldn't walk in his suit! It was gorgeous outside! We didn't keep him out long because he has ran a fever of 102-103 all weekend! We went to the doctor and they checked him for everything from an ear infection to a bladder infection (this was so sad...they had to cath him). They said if he still has it on Monday we have to call back! Hopefully, it will be gone! Yes, he is walking...about 8 or so steps at a time!!