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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Give and Take......

Thursday Mason had a doctor's appointment. As you know, he LOVES Jennifer (probably because of the cool stuff she gives him). However, I'm not sure that after this appointment he will feel the same way about her!

I knew that he would have to have blood drawn and get a shot (or two). He had 3 on top of the blood. The blood was drawn because of the study that he is in...nothing is wrong!!

Don't worry....they numbed his arm with Lidocaine before they stuck him. They sent in a "specialist" to draw the blood. Bobby had to sit on the table with Mason between his legs and I had to hold his right arm while Jennifer held his left arm straight so "Z" could draw his blood (and yes that's what they call her). He did really well with that...he started crying about half-way through...I think just because he couldn't move!

He stopped crying very quickly and was happy again....until.....

Until he saw the tray with 3 more shots. He was NOT happy. He got one in the leg and one in each arm. These were a little harder for him to take. By the third shot I could just tell what he was thinking "Mommy, I was good when they took my blood, why do they keep sticking me?". It was so pitiful! Jennifer is very good and it was over pretty soon and he was safely tucked in my arms! However, he didn't quit screaming until we were walking out the door and he was sure that it was over!

He has to go back at 15 months for another shot and a month later for more blood drawn! He's a trooper! We tried to take a picture of his arm, however there really isn't much to see. He ripped the bandaids off before we even left the doctor's office and it is just now starting to bruise a little.

So, you see he had plenty of give and take. He gave his blood for the betterment of vaccinations for babies, but he had to take three shots in return! Luckily, I know he won't remember it. Besides....he got Chick-fil-A with sweet tea for dinner!!! I think he would gladly do it all over again if he gets that every time!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


These just crack me up. They stick to anything when they are wet. The pictures say it all!