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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Now that's one cute little bum!!

If you have read my blog, you know that I was going crazy (many of you probably think literally) over trying to decide what cloth diapers to use! search is over! Over this past weekend, I went to buy some AIOs to try and ended up with Bummis. You really need to check them out!! I went with the cotton cloth diapering system.

There are two versions, here are what they came with:

36 UNBLEACHED prefold diapers
6 Super Whisper Wrap
1 roll of 100 liners

15+ lbs
24 UNBLEACHED prefold diapers
4 Super Whisper Wrap
1 roll of 100 liners

We bought both versions so we could go ahead and plan for any future babies, plus we found them on sale!

I know that when people see the word prefold they check out....but just wait and read, PLEASE!!

I washed the diapers 3 times and they became so "fluffy" and soft, and super absorbent! You fold the diapers just like you do when you go to put them away and they lay in the wraps perfectly. The wraps even have a "pocket" that the front slides in to keep it in place.

We also bought 3 AIOs for church and for babysitters, while they are very cute, I have found that they are actually more "complicated" than my Bummis. You see there are no pins, no snaps, no anything to deal with on the Bummis. I folded all the diapers and put a liner on them before I put them away and now I just grab one and lay it in the cover! Don't get me wrong, the AIOs are good, but I can fold and line about 3-4 prefolds by the time I stuff one pocket diaper (and I have multiple brands so it's not that). It took me about 5 minutes to fold and line and put away 18 prefolds this morning! I also love the fact that you can pick up the liner and flush away the poo with it!

Now, for the only drawback: Some background info: I have found is my son is a VERY HEAVY wetter. We have some disposables left (and me being the crazy OCD person I am, I wanted EVERY cover and diaper clean) so I used one while I was doing the wash yesterday. He peed through that disposable and all over his shirt and shorts in about 3 hours (which was a nap no less). In the Bummis he pees and the cover has gotten wet 3 times in 5 days so I had to use a new cover....but it DID NOT get on his clothes!!! I will change that cover every time if his clothes stay dry! I think if your child isn't a heavy wetter you won't have the same problem!

I did try a prefold someone had given me in the Bummis worked, the wrap kept his clothes dry but the prefold wasn't NEAR the same quality as the ones from Bummis!!!

I know that prefolds have a "bad wrap" so to speak, but my experience has definitely sold me on them! The Bummis wraps works GREAT! So, if you are looking for a cloth diapering system take a minute to check out BUMMIS!


sarasophia said...

Good job YOU with the cloth diapers. It is so important that parents get the word out about using them. Helps the environment AND is way better for the little ones.

Following through MB100, please follow back?

<3 sarasophia

Erica said...

I've been thinking about going to prefolds, but my little one is already 16 months, not sure it's worth it. Right now I've got about 6 pockets and 3 fitteds with no more covers. I mostly use sposies because of this! We don't plan on more babies. Good for you for switching!