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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


After thinking and talking with Bobby....of course I did more talking! I've decided to revamp the blog!

With the hope of having future children and the ever changing life that is the Noble Home, I've decided that over the next few months I am going to try to make some major changes to our blog.

The major one will probably be in the form of a change of name...from My Mason Moments to something more family oriented (Bobby and I are brainstorming). Also, after reading other blogs that I am following I have a new "idea" (even though I'm really stealing it from several other people) to give nicknames on the blog. This is really more of a cute "safety" measure. Obviously, the people who know us will know who I am talking about, however if someone "wonders" onto the site they won't be able to know exact names and such. I find this worrisome the older Mas gets! I don't want someone to see his picture and know personal things about I often post A LOT of personal stuff! You will probably find more family post or just my thoughts/family thoughts rather than just updates on Mason.

If you haven't ventured out into the blogging world and read other should! I follow some amazing moms that have unbelievable blogs! After getting "sucked into" Stellan's story I realized you never know who can come across your blog and who you might touch through that also is a catalyst for the changes.

The changes will be I don't have tons of time to sit and change things all at once. I will be petitioning for help from my sister in getting it to look "fancier"! I hope to add several fun things! I have already added my Twitter can follow me on Twitter @emilylnoble

I am hoping to gain more readers and turn this into a blog happy world! I would love to add more blogs to the ones I follow...if you have other moms or families that blog...please let me know! I know when I began this blog I intended for it to be more private and family only...but I'm over I said earlier, you never know who will read what and it may change things for them. If I can provide information for a stay-at-home mom or recipes for a new wife or even some crazy thoughts that make someone feel like they are "normal" I am all for that!!

Just know that if you come to the site and find aren't crazy! I'm sure this will be a slow process but it will get there!!

Any thoughts...just leave me some comments or ideas!

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes i feel like revamping too! I love keeping up with your blog though!