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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This past weekend Junior Mint experienced a big milestone...his very FIRST haircut. Mr. Goodbar wanted him to have his first haircut where he had his, so that's what we did. Back in our home state of NC there is a little barber shop with a great man named Joel! We called and planned for him to cut his hair. Now, I was VERY worried about Junior Mint flipping out, between the sounds and the gigantic chair I thought he would get scared and cry. It was just the opposite!

Junior Mint LOVES to have his hair combed/brushed so for about 5 minutes leading up to the big event we prepped him. We asked if he wanted his hair combed and he constantly said "yes" and then we said "now Mr. Joel is going to cut your hair like he is cutting that man's" and he said "yes".

Then the time came....Joel put a "seat" in the chair to lift him up and there he sat, big and tall! He sat so still the WHOLE time, even with the clippers and the sound! The only time he cried was when Joel got the blow dryer out to blow him off. (He's cried at the blow dryer as long as I can remember, not sure why...if you are a psychiatrist maybe you can help me out there).

Junior Mint had an AMAZING first haircut, thanks to Joel and his wonderful way with kiddos! If you are ever in Maiden, NC I know a great place to get a guy/boy's haircut!

If you want to check out the whole experience, check out the album here: Mason's First Haircut

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