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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Terrific Tuesday...followed by some Terrible Decisions!

Today was a Terrific Tuesday (like the alliteration?)! We woke up early and headed to a Scholastic warehouse sale...if you aren't familiar with them, you need to catch up! They are the people that put on the book fairs for school, they have AWESOME deals at these things. Check it out: We took that trip with Lar-ly and the cutest little red-headed boy you have ever seen! When we got back the two little boys had a great time tackling the toys! After that we had some always awesome Chick-fil-A! We decided the boys needed a nap so we headed home...straight to NAP! We had a TERRIFIC TUESDAY..that is where that ended!

Mr. Goodbar went to wake up Junior Mint after 2 1/2 hours of nap (we always do this, it isn't new) and he was NOT happy! He cried because he wanted to sleep, so we laid him back down...then more crying, this time to get up. Junior Mint came downstairs for snack, this went pretty well, until he threw it to the puppies! Then, came the Terrible Decisions!

Junior Mint has it in his head that standing in the dog water dish is a good idea, and has for some time now. He has gotten in trouble and we have tried to correct this behavior several ways, and yet he still ends up with a wet foot everyday! Today...not only did he play in the water, he took the lid off the dog food and played in it, he stood in the dog food dish, he shut the door on one of the puppies, he pulled my NEW, CLEAN hand towel out of the kitchen and put it on the very dirty dog, he pulled EVERYTHING off a chair and now he is throwing his cup to see how it sounds with ice in it!

Don't roll your eyes and say "if they had control of that child" or "they must not be handling it" or "they must have let him do that at some point"....cause we have NOT EVER let him act like that, and we are not today. He is getting in trouble every time, however he is determined to keep doing something he isn't supposed to do.

So, even though we try and try and try...we have bad days, we have moments of correction, we have moment of tears, we have screams of anger and a lot of bumps and bruises to show for not listening.....but we move passed it, we love on him after correction, we thank God for him and we continue to bask in the joy of our Little Man!

What we have here folks is nothing more than a Terrific Tuesday followed by some Terrible Decision!

Tomorrow is a new day and full of unknown blessings!


Nessa said...

I still have those "if you'd only control your child" behavior days. i had one this morning in fact. The only difference is mine is with a hormonal almost teenager who is testing his limits. I wander if it's the moon phase or something causing the boys to misbehave, lol.

parentingBYdummies said...

Everyone has these moments, days where things are just not coming together. I had one today. And, yesterday. And, I think probably the day before too. But, it doesn't matter because I already know that tomorrow I will try (and probably fail, but you know, all about the effort) to do better. And, hopefully my kids will catch the drift and realize that I am right! Thanks for joining my fam. Love meeting new people:)

Vhiel said...

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Erica said...

It makes me think of the book
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Of course lucky for you half the day was good! We've had LOTS of those days!

Ashley B. said...

My son did all of those exact same things when he was that age, except for playing in the dog food because he can't reach it. Eventually we gave up on the scolding and just ignored the behavior and he lost interest. Of course, the one time I feel like I did something right, it wasn't even on purpose!