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Monday, June 29, 2009

Noble Nugget Update....

As most of you know, we had a follow-up ultrasound today to check on the little Noble Nugget. Everything looked good on the ultrasound. The little nugget was very wiggly. The heartbeat looked great too!

They did find either a new hemorrhage or the one from two weeks ago is still there. They said I may have more bleeding but my doctor seemed to think everything was okay.

We go back in 4 weeks and they will take yet another look at that cute, wiggly, little nugget!!

Thank you so much for all your prayers and please continue to keep us in your prayers as we go through the pregnancy!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Oh..this is a BIG deal!

I know you've been holding your breath and checking my blog every hour or so just waiting for the BIG change that was coming to our home today!

Well...we did follow through with the plan and things did make a BIG change today, especially for Junior Mint.
Junior Mint made a big step...up to a TODDLER BED! Our little escape artist had become an expert at getting out of his crib and not falling...somehow climbing down without making noise and playing in his room. I was worried that he would fall and get hurt. We had already decided that he would make the change before the newest Noble nugget arrived, however we hadn't intended on it being this soon!
I know this may not seem like a BIG change to some of you...if not, you must not have kids : ) It's always a big deal when a little boy gets a big boy bed. So, if any of you see the little guy, please make sure to tell him how cool it is to be in a big boy bed!

Now....I may have a much different post tomorrow. We will see how tonight goes. He did pretty well with nap in it this afternoon and he fell right to sleep tonight.

The funniest part is now the dogs can get in his bed and he thinks "Puppy", otherwise known as Apollo, should get to sleep with him! (Apollo thinks he should too, I had to kick him out tonight)

Hopefully, there will be no problems tonight and it will be an easy adjustment. Please keep us in your prayers as we make this change!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Tomorrow...Tomorrow a big change is coming to our home tomorrow (as the plan stands now). Check back tomorrow night to see what is happening in the Noble household!!

I know that's thought I was going to spill the beans right here and now, didn't you?

Monday, June 15, 2009

God is Great...God is Good

So, I’m not really sure where to start this post…so I’ll start in the beginning. Stick with me, I promise you will want to read the info that will slowly begin to make itself known!

When Mr. Goodbar and I decided to start our family we thought it would be like you always hear….you go off birth control and bam 6 months to a year later, there you have it, a baby. But God had different plans, his timing was WAY better than ours…God is Great, God is Good!

After two and half years of trying and blood work after blood work and appointment after appointment, we were pregnant with Junior Mint….God is Great, God is Good!

However, when I found out I was pregnant, I instantly had horrible pains that put me in the hospital where they thought I was having an ectopic pregnancy. Come to find out it was a cyst that ruptured on one ovary while the baby came from the other…God is Great, God is Good!

So, the pregnancy progressed well and delivery came. I was supposed to be induced but found out I was already in labor when I got there. After a fairly quick progression, I started to push, and push and push. I pushed for 5 hours and nothing was happening! Junior Mint ended up having to be vacuumed out. It was a miracle that his heart rate never dropped and that he was born without anything broken…God is Great, God is Good!

Moving on, Junior Mint is an amazing little boy that is growing so fast! Mr. Goodbar and I decided that we want our children close in age a long time ago. We had decided to start trying to get pregnant this summer. Well, the first month we decided to stop trying to avoid pregnancy, you guessed it…we found out we were PREGNANT…God is Great, God is Good!

Everything was going well, until this morning, the day of my first OB appt. I woke up with bleeding…and if you know anything about pregnancy, that’s NOT good. It got pretty bad and very, VERY, scary! So off to the doctor we go, praying and praying and when we thought we were done praying, we prayed some more! They started the OB questions and I interrupted her and told her about my bleeding, I didn’t want to go through all that just to find out something had happened to the baby. So off to the ultrasound we go. That felt like the longest probably 2 minutes ever! As I lay there waiting for that black and white image, I don’t think Mr. Goodbar or I took a single breath. And there it was, the little baby, with a strong heartbeat, looking perfect…God is Great, God is Good!

To sum it all up, the Noble Nuggets are adding a little nugget! I have to go back for another ultrasound in two weeks and “take it easy” until then. They are pretty sure I had a something, something hemorrhage. Basically, during implantation a piece of the uterus comes off…or something like that. I am still having some bleeding but taking it easy thanks to an AMAZING husband and WONDERFUL friends…God is Great, God is Good!!

(UPDATE: it was called a Subchorionic Hemorrhage)

Please keep us in your prayers over the next few weeks and months. Please pray that this baby will grow healthy and strong. Most importantly, please pray that HIS will be done and we will accept His will and not loose sight of what is important, that GOD IS GREAT, GOD IS GOOD!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

One of Those Days...

No pictures, no philosophical insights, no deep thoughtful discussions, just a little insight to "One of Those Days".

I'm sure we have all had those days, you know the ones where you wish you had just stayed in bed...well for me that was today!

I'll just make a list cause that's all I feel like doing:

Let's start with Junior Mint waking up 30 minutes early when I really needing that sleep

Junior Mint decided to play in the dog water...over and over and over again, despite correction...over and over and over again. (and yes I removed him from the situation, several times)

JM them decided to feed the dogs their dog food piece by piece, and they took it that way for over 15 minutes

Went swimming, so I had to blow up JM's float...turned on the air compressor and it blew a breaker

Had to find my way through a dark garage to come up stairs to get a flashlight to go back down into the pitch black garage to reset the breaker

Still had to blow up the float so I had to use a foot pump--SLOW

While I am doing this, Junior Mint pulls the beach bag off the chair and my plastic water bottle lands just right and cracks, leaving 32 oz. of ice water in a puddle on my carpet

Went swimming and I got way more burnt that I thought

Swimming lessons are going great, however my son has NO fear of the water and just wants to jump in every 2 seconds

On the way home, his bug bites started driving him crazy so he started crying

Junior Mint was into EVERYTHING before dinner and I had to pick up blocks from everywhere around the house

He didn't want to eat dinner, yet once again, so no dinner before bed again tonight

I had to argue with Waste Management to get our trash can back that they picked up that didn't belong to them

I had to argue with FedEx cause they have supposedly tried to deliver a package but didn't leave anything saying they were here and they were 3 hours late for their delivery time

Now, Junior Mint is in bed and awesome friends brought me a chocolate milkshake (which made all that a little better) and it's time for me to hit the sack. Mr. Goodbar comes home tomorrow after a week long conference.

Tomorrow will be a GREAT day!!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


This is our new family photo that we had made a couple of weeks ago! There is also the picture of Mr. Goodbar and me, I realized that is the first photo we have had taken since we got married in 2004! That got me thinking…..

I’m sure that after this post I will have some people that have some harsh things to say to me and some major disagreements with me, that is okay. I want to hear all you have to say!

Now for the thinking part….I realized that we called the picture of the three of us our “Family Photo” but then I realized that our “Family Photo” was just as complete with any photo of Mr. Goodbar and me before we had Junior Mint.

Now, let me explain. We believe that God created the husband and wife relationship to be a family. To us, that means that the family is complete when we got married, any children that we are blessed with are additions to our family.

Don’t get me wrong, Junior Mint is such a big part of our family and our family NOW wouldn’t be complete without him. But God completed the family with the union of husband and wife. I think far too many people forget this.

The most important relationship in a person’s life is that between you and God, after that comes the husband/wife relationship, THEN the child/parent relationship. Only when the husband/wife relationship is okay, can the parent/child relationship be okay.

When a child is put in a place where they are the center of the family, that is exactly what they become, the center! They come to believe they control the family. By this I mean, that they start to control what gets done and when. The child’s schedule will adapt to fit yours, not the other way around. We, as adults, have to continue living in the world while we raise our children, therefore they have to adapt to our schedules! (Of course…using God given parental wisdom to create a workable schedule for parents and children)

I understand the randomness of this….however; I look around and realize that there are so many families that are “child-centered” families! What happens to the parents? What happens to that preciousness of that relationship? What happens to the structure set forth by God? What happens when the child is all grown up and leaves, what is left?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Swim Lessons....

Today was Junior Mint's first day of swim lessons! Who would schedule a swim lesson at 9:00 am on a Monday morning...definitely not me ; ) Anyway, the place we are going is pretty cool. You can walk into the pool like the beach and they have this "river" that is a small circle that has flowing water!

We started out by having them get used to just being in the water and practice kicking and then moved right into jumping off the side! Junior Mint needed a little "help" with the jumping part, but he soon was good to go! Then, he got a noodle and I held the noodle while he floated around the "river", learning to maneuver in flowing water. After that, we moved to blowing bubbles--Junior Mint is a pro at that! Next, they blew bubbles and practiced kicking! Junior Mint (being on his tummy) laid over on my arm and wanted to take a nap, apparently all that swimming tired him out! And that, my friends, rapped up the lesson!

We will do it all over again on Wednesday....except supposedly with songs and more going under the water! This will be our 9:00 am activity every Monday and Wednesday for the next three weeks! Hopefully, ending with a little 15 month old swimmer!!!

Summer Has Arrived....

Well...Summer has arrived in the Noble household! Now, I know that Summer doesn't "officially" begin for a few weeks, but here it has already begun. If the past few days are any indication of how hot it is going to be this summer, we are in for some trouble!

Junior Mint loves the pool! We even threw our two little dogs in with him and he loved that! You have to check out the great pictures that Mr. Goodbar snapped of him enjoying his "swim".


What is the indication that summer has arrived in your household?

Oreo Anyone?