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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Oh..this is a BIG deal!

I know you've been holding your breath and checking my blog every hour or so just waiting for the BIG change that was coming to our home today!

Well...we did follow through with the plan and things did make a BIG change today, especially for Junior Mint.
Junior Mint made a big step...up to a TODDLER BED! Our little escape artist had become an expert at getting out of his crib and not falling...somehow climbing down without making noise and playing in his room. I was worried that he would fall and get hurt. We had already decided that he would make the change before the newest Noble nugget arrived, however we hadn't intended on it being this soon!
I know this may not seem like a BIG change to some of you...if not, you must not have kids : ) It's always a big deal when a little boy gets a big boy bed. So, if any of you see the little guy, please make sure to tell him how cool it is to be in a big boy bed!

Now....I may have a much different post tomorrow. We will see how tonight goes. He did pretty well with nap in it this afternoon and he fell right to sleep tonight.

The funniest part is now the dogs can get in his bed and he thinks "Puppy", otherwise known as Apollo, should get to sleep with him! (Apollo thinks he should too, I had to kick him out tonight)

Hopefully, there will be no problems tonight and it will be an easy adjustment. Please keep us in your prayers as we make this change!


Amy said...
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Mommy24cs said...

Aww, he looks so cute in his big boy bed :o)
Caitlyn was the same way, she had learned to climb out of her crib at one and a half. I was a little worried about all the freedom she had but she actually did really well at staying in her bed at night.

a49erfangirl said...

Awww they grow so fast. Good that the nap went well and fingers crossed tonight goes well. My daughter hasn't figured out yet how to crawl out of the crib. I imagine that it won't be long as she is starting to figure out how to climb on things. LOL

klawellin said...

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