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Thursday, June 11, 2009

One of Those Days...

No pictures, no philosophical insights, no deep thoughtful discussions, just a little insight to "One of Those Days".

I'm sure we have all had those days, you know the ones where you wish you had just stayed in bed...well for me that was today!

I'll just make a list cause that's all I feel like doing:

Let's start with Junior Mint waking up 30 minutes early when I really needing that sleep

Junior Mint decided to play in the dog water...over and over and over again, despite correction...over and over and over again. (and yes I removed him from the situation, several times)

JM them decided to feed the dogs their dog food piece by piece, and they took it that way for over 15 minutes

Went swimming, so I had to blow up JM's float...turned on the air compressor and it blew a breaker

Had to find my way through a dark garage to come up stairs to get a flashlight to go back down into the pitch black garage to reset the breaker

Still had to blow up the float so I had to use a foot pump--SLOW

While I am doing this, Junior Mint pulls the beach bag off the chair and my plastic water bottle lands just right and cracks, leaving 32 oz. of ice water in a puddle on my carpet

Went swimming and I got way more burnt that I thought

Swimming lessons are going great, however my son has NO fear of the water and just wants to jump in every 2 seconds

On the way home, his bug bites started driving him crazy so he started crying

Junior Mint was into EVERYTHING before dinner and I had to pick up blocks from everywhere around the house

He didn't want to eat dinner, yet once again, so no dinner before bed again tonight

I had to argue with Waste Management to get our trash can back that they picked up that didn't belong to them

I had to argue with FedEx cause they have supposedly tried to deliver a package but didn't leave anything saying they were here and they were 3 hours late for their delivery time

Now, Junior Mint is in bed and awesome friends brought me a chocolate milkshake (which made all that a little better) and it's time for me to hit the sack. Mr. Goodbar comes home tomorrow after a week long conference.

Tomorrow will be a GREAT day!!!!


Makia said...

I still don't know HOW you are doing it. I really think I would go nuts without my hubby for a WHOLE week. It really has nothing to do with the kids. Its mostly because I would miss him SOOOO bad. We seriously have not been away from each other our entire marriage for more than 2 days about 4 times IF that. And that my friend is why we will be visiting Atlanta July 14th-17th! He will be in class all day but at least he'll be with us in the evenings. I'm just hoping it all works out like we plan!

Erica said...

Sorry you had a rough day! My Baby Boy loves the dog water and feeding the dog her food (and sometimes he likes to eat it himself), that is why I have a gate on my kitchen! Hope you are having a fantastic Monday!