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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Long Live the King

“Long Live the King”…that’s the statement that Madonna used to describe Michael Jackson. When you hear that statement what do you think? I will tell you what you should think…and it’s definitely NOT Michael Jackson.

There is only ONE King, that King is Jesus Christ. Our pastor made a statement that couldn’t ring more true today of all days: “When you stand before THE KING, you won’t be the king of anything”.

You can’t turn on the TV without a flood of images of Michael Jackson or hearing his songs or plans for his funeral. Every time they show a group of people there is, undoubtedly a large number of them crying, sobbing really, for a “King” they never knew. You see people holding prayer vigils for the “biggest influence on this generation”. You see people talking of “an icon” that will live forever. Does this bother anyone but me? Yes, I understand that he made a big impact on the musical community, but ask yourself, “what did he really do for ME?”

What if I told the story of a King who walked this earth without the fame and fortune, died a horrible death and does LIVE FOREVER. It really bothers me to watch the tears flow from people, including Christians, who say “it just isn’t fair” or “how could this be”. There is something that is far more unfair than that! Think of a man who was beaten and killed by the people he wanted to save. How can people sob at the thought of a human, a man destined to die, leaving this earth and yet not shed a tear when they see Jesus hanging on a cross left to die? How can these people shed more tears for a man they never met and never will, than they do for a family member or for the King of Kings? How can they hold prayer vigils for someone who they know nothing more about than what the media has told them but yet turn away and refuse to prayer to a risen King?

I do feel saddened by people living this earth tragically, and yes, I believe Michael Jackson’s death was tragic. However, I’m not going to put my life on hold for a man who is just a man. There are people who are quitting their jobs in order to attend the funeral services but yet would those same people give up a weekend on the lake for an Easter service? Christians need to wake up in this world…..wake up and realize we serve a risen King, not a fleeting person who had a brief walk on this Earth and will face the same judgment we will ALL face.

Please don’t read this and think I’m callous to the fact that a family lost a son, brother, father, etc….but I can honestly say I didn’t loose a king of anything. My King is living, I am serving my King, my King will live forever, my King is there for you too.

So despite what you think of Michael Jackson, please remember that if you are a Christian, he is NOT your king and he will NOT be there for you like the King you have chosen to serve. If you are not a Christian, please know that Michael Jackson is not a king to be worshiped, there is a King that wants to be there for you, a King that never dies, a King that will reign supreme!

Remember: When you stand before The King, you won’t be the king of anything!!!

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