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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A New Found Love...

I'm sure all of you know what all has been going on in the lives of the Nobles. It has been a sad week here! While I understand that God has reasons for everything and I may not understand what has happened, but I do accept it. I cry one minute and am fine the next...that seems to be the cycle here in our home this week. You see, we saw our little baby 3 different times, all wiggly and heard the heartbeat, strong and normal, then there it was nothing. It was devastating and still is.

However, with all that being said I have discovered a new found love during all this. I love my husband more than I can even express, however over the past several days I have discovered a whole new love for the man whom I have committed myself to.

He has washed dishes and cleaned house and done laundry and even scrubbed poop out of cloth diapers! While all that is wonderful, that isn't the reason I have this new love. I realized this man loves me and our son SO much! I am constantly asking if he is okay and his response is always "I'm okay if you are okay". He has held me through the breakdowns and shed tears along side me. He has reassured me and encouraged me like only he can. As for him being both Mommy and Daddy this week....

As I was coming out of the shower I caught sight of something that I have never seen and will never forget. I saw my wonderful hubby dancing around the living room with Junior Mint. He was laughing and holding onto his daddy with such love. I just stood there watching, I couldn't move as it brought tears to my eyes to watch the love that is shared between the two most important men in my life! Then I had a chance to see it again as I watched them through our front door as they played outside with their ball caps on and writing with chalk on the sidewalk. I thought..."there's my everything". I realized right then that I am okay. I am so blessed right now and everything else is OK!

So, you see my new found love is for a man who wipes my tears, holds my hand, comforts my heart, takes care of me, talks to me, reassures me, encourages me and loves me!


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