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Monday, August 31, 2009


I know we have all seen those bracelets...Pray Until Something Happens. Well...I thought about that bracelet yesterday as we discussed prayer in Sunday School.

We were talking with our preacher on Saturday and then again on Sunday. He said "have you ever prayed and felt like your prayers aren't going further than the light?" Think about that for a minute. I'm sure we have all felt like that at one point or another. Then I was thinking how people say...just keep praying. Well...maybe that's not how we should handle things.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying don't pray by any means; what I am saying is maybe just praying until something happens isn't the right answer either. We talked about how sometimes when you pray there is "static", like a radio station that is fading out. Maybe your prayers aren't getting further than the ceiling because you are "out of touch" with God. Maybe your prayers aren't being answered because God is testing your faithfulness. Maybe your prayers aren't genuine. Maybe you are selfishly praying. Then maybe, it's just you are not focused, you're not praying to God but praying at God. What I mean is you are praying but not really wanting the truth.

Then I was thinking about something that Charles Stanley had said when we went to his church here in Atlanta. You don't keep praying for the same things over and over again. That shows a lack of faith in God. Do you think that God doesn't hear your request the first time or that if you keep praying it will change his mind? You come to God in genuine prayer with the request of your heart, however you need to be praying that his will be done in that situation and leave it at his feet and leave it alone. You walk away with faith that he will answer your prayer, which is true faith. However, that doesn't mean that you will get what you want, that means that you will accept His answer to that prayer, no matter what it is.

If we all would get a little closer to God...(which you get closer to God by getting on your knees more) and lift up our prayers with a faithfulness in His will and we pray that His will will be done and He will reveal that will to us, we may all be hearing a little less static in our prayers.

Instead of praying until something happens, we need to pray that something will happen...happen in us!

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