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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Something's not right....

Something just doesn’t seem right this week, I feel off somehow! I’ve been thinking and I’ve figured it out!!

It’s because I’ve missed church for two weeks in a row!!! We were out of town on both weekends. We usually try to make it when we are away, but it just didn’t happen this time.

Anyway, since I feel weird I was thinking about church and what it means to me and why I feel so “off” when I don’t go!

Church isn’t about the building…it’s not the brick and mortar that I miss when we aren’t there, and yes to some extent it is the people, but it’s mainly an act of obedience. So really, not going to church is an act of disobedience. You know that feeling you used to get when you did something wrong as a child, that’s kind of like this…I’ve been disobedient and yet God loves me the same.

We are commanded to set aside a day for the Lord. That day is Sunday for us. Sunday is the beginning of the week!! If you don’t get off on the right foot, how can the rest of the week go well?

There are several thoughts about church, many people don’t feel the need or think that if they semi go that’s good enough, or what about the people who attend a Bible study somewhere and think that’s good enough? God gives us spiritual gifts, gifts to be used to minister. How can you grow and nurture your spiritual gift if you don’t go to church and share it with others who are trying to nurture theirs too? The Bible says we are to meet with other Christians to use their gifts to strengthen us. The Bible also talks about the church meeting the needs of others. It is the church’s responsibility to take care of the needs of others, if we don’t see the need to go to church, what will happen? What if everyone decided not to go, there would be no need for a church? I Corinthians 12:21 expresses it this way: "The eye cannot say to the hand, I have no need of you." Neither can a Christian claim to be self-sufficient today.

I also believe that the church is a place of accountability. It is really easy to rationalize sin if you (and your group of friends) are the only ones that are “in the sin” and discuss it. How many times have you gone in church and felt like you were getting your toes stepped on? That’s an awesome thing when you think about it! That means you obviously got something out of the service!

I believe that we are the body of Christ, the church is within us and we carry him where we go, but the “corporate gathering” is a necessary part of your Christian walk. The Bible tells us to praise God with a song…do you lift up praises to God on your own? It’s not just the sermon that you get out of a church service…it’s the whole package. I love my Sunday School, but it isn’t the same as church, neither is our Bible study. Church is somewhere you praise God with music, hear a sermon instead of putting your two cents in like Sunday School. Church service is also where most conversions happen. I’m sure they have happened in Sunday School or Bible studies, but most of the ones that happen in church happen in the service. You wonder what that does for you….it gives you a renewed sense of witnessing. It reminds you that sharing your faith can produce results. This is also where you witness baptisms and dedications and communion (which is also an act of obedience). It’s amazing what all you get out of a church service!! This verse should be enough for the argument of going to church: Hebrews 10:25 not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all the more as you see the day drawing near.

So you see, the week just isn’t right if I don’t go to church. I will leave you with this thought from our preacher (by the way, this came from a church service).

If you don’t think you get anything out of church service, just remember:

You have to take the top off the tank to fill it up!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Wait for it...

Don't worry...I'm not M.I.A.

I'm planning a new post...hopefully, tomorrow if Junior Mint cooperates!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Can we say OCD?

Yes....all that because his hands are dirty! We go through this about 15 times during dinner now. For about 5 days now it takes 15 or so napkins or a wet washcloth to get through dinner. He will NOT continue eating until his hands are clean. It doesn't matter what is on them either! We did this with toast this morning! Let's hope this is just a phase!

Like Father, Like Son.....

I now realize that there is NO denying the phrase "Like Father, Like Son". I think the pictures say it all!!

Dedication Sunday

We FINALLY got the little man dedicated on September 6th. This is my two favorite men on the morning of the dedication, waiting to "have our moment in the spotlight".

Yes, I know that most people have their child dedicated not long after the baby is born. We had some extenuating circumstances at our old church and decided to hold off until we were more comfortable. (If you want to know me and I will share all that.) After we left that church we didn't want to have him dedicated in a church that wasn't "our church". We have found the right church for us with an amazing Pastor, Associate Pastor and congregation!

For those of you who don't understand is a time when we as parents choose to dedicate our lives to raising our child in the ways of the Lord and the church dedicates themselves to helping that in any way they can. It does not do anything for the salvation of the child!

If you want to check out all of photos from that day, you can! Click the album: Dedication Sunday

You can see the progression we made from a little boy who was just enjoying looking at everyone to a little boy who got very bored and just wanted down to play. Now I know why parents opt for this when the child is a baby and doesn't really move around! Needless to say, he had NO problem heading back to the nursery to play with his friends!!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Some of you know that this week has been crazy for us. I thought I would give a quick update as to what I know.

I have had these horrible headaches since last week. I tried everything I could think of, but nothing helped. I ended up at the doctor on Tuesday, who then sent me to the hospital for a CT scan on my brain!

As of today, I was told the results hadn't come back yet, and if it was something bad they would have called right away, so I can assume it's good news. (Odd, I know)

I also had my post-op appointment today. We found out that the problem was "product of conception"...basically something went wrong at conception. It was NOT my hemorrhage or the placenta...which is GREAT news. He said it was just something that happened and probably would never happen again. We chose not to do the chromosomal testing....does it really matter if the baby had a disease? He told us to wait a month or two more before trying again, but he doesn't foresee any problems getting pregnant.

So...good news from the OB/GYN and no news from the CT scan. I still am having the headaches...they gave me two different things, but one I don't want to take unless someone else is here to take care of Junior Mint...maybe I will try it tomorrow if the headache is still bad.

I will post more updates as things change!