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Friday, September 4, 2009


Some of you know that this week has been crazy for us. I thought I would give a quick update as to what I know.

I have had these horrible headaches since last week. I tried everything I could think of, but nothing helped. I ended up at the doctor on Tuesday, who then sent me to the hospital for a CT scan on my brain!

As of today, I was told the results hadn't come back yet, and if it was something bad they would have called right away, so I can assume it's good news. (Odd, I know)

I also had my post-op appointment today. We found out that the problem was "product of conception"...basically something went wrong at conception. It was NOT my hemorrhage or the placenta...which is GREAT news. He said it was just something that happened and probably would never happen again. We chose not to do the chromosomal testing....does it really matter if the baby had a disease? He told us to wait a month or two more before trying again, but he doesn't foresee any problems getting pregnant.

So...good news from the OB/GYN and no news from the CT scan. I still am having the headaches...they gave me two different things, but one I don't want to take unless someone else is here to take care of Junior Mint...maybe I will try it tomorrow if the headache is still bad.

I will post more updates as things change!

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