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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Check Back...

Make sure you check back after Friday and Saturday to see the cutest little boy you have ever seen in his Halloween costume!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Christian Responsiblity

So this week we were watching Grey’s Anatomy and I got SO mad at them using the Bible to defend homosexuals, me being me, then Tweeted about it which sparked several comments. They got me thinking, Christians have NO Christian responsibility today (well, I will say we do when we want to).

If you know Mr. Goodbar, you know that he is pretty strong willed, this can cause some arguments sometimes because I don’t understand why things matter so much. I am now finding myself jumping on the same things that he has been saying for years. In our home, we don’t purchase Pepsi because it is one of the “Official Sponsors” of several gay pride parades around the nation. We don’t eat McDonald’s because of the same things, we don’t buy Campbells Soup because they are adjusting their advertising to “appeal to the ‘modern’ family” including homosexuals. The latest boycott is Susan G. Komen…this one FLOORED ME!!! They give money to Planned Parenthood! More babies are killed by abortion than women die of breast cancer each year. This is so contradictory to me….their sole purpose is to save lives yet they give to an organization whose biggest thing is killing lives!! Explain that to me!!!

Anyway, all that made me think….here I am boycotting these companies with my hubby (reluctantly on the Pepsi thing, seeing as Mtn. Dew is part of that), and I sat there and didn’t turn off Grey’s when they were spewing out that crap!! I had just had a conversation with a friend about a radio show here in Atlanta that Christians need to stop listening to so they will stop talking about all the junk and yet I sat there watching Grey’s because I like the show! Now, here I am thinking about my Christian responsibility.

We have a responsibility to strive to live as Christ lived. We have a responsibility to be in the world not of the world!! Several people jumped on my Tweet about Grey’s saying that Jesus never condemned homosexuality and he preached love, that’s what we should do, love them, I agree we should love them. You love the sinner, hate the sin! But homosexuality is no different than any other sin. Why do we excuse people who cheat on their spouses (or better yet, not excuse them but excuse homosexuals)? No, I don’t think this sin is any worse than any other sin, but I do believe it is a sin, as I do most of the story lines on Grey’s Anatomy!! I realized I am mad about them twisting the Bible but not about the constant sinning that they portray as normal in today’s society.

We have a responsibility to stand out, stand out from the non-Christians, more like STAND UP!! We have to stand up and take this country back!! What happened to the days where TV didn’t show a couple in the same bed, or allow even the word crap on TV…now they bleep out God but leave in the “f” word!! If we, as Christians, would stand up and take the responsibility of being a Christian, we could take this world back!! It has worked…Ford pulled their sponsorship of gay pride parades because their sales plummeted when AFA (American Family Association) told us to boycott them! What about all the stores that stopped saying Christmas but yet we had no issue shopping at them? Why can’t we change the channel or find a new store to shop at or a new place to eat? Is being a Christian to inconvenient? God never said it would be easy to be a Christian!

We have the responsibility to turn off the TV, change our drink, shop somewhere different, or just stand up to our friends when it comes to GOD!!! Or even better, get on the computer and send letters, letters and more letters to the shows and companies that are doing these things! (This is what I am going to do with Grey’s, my letter may not do anything, but I bet a million would!) If I loose a friend because they don’t like how I stand up for God, I’m okay with that, but if I have to answer for not standing up for God when someone was speaking against Him or His teachings….which would you choose??

You see, I am so tired of people getting irritated over conversations about homosexuality being wrong or people getting mad because we as Christians don’t like what’s going on in with our nation! I personally believe I have a responsibility to voice what the Bible teaches and to try to avoid sin. Do I believe homosexuality is any worse than any other sin, NOPE…but it seems to be the “sin of today” that everyone thinks is okay!! It has become the norm instead of the exception so we have to accept it! This is just a crazy concept to me! I believe in God’s love and I believe that His love can move mountains, so why can’t it help this nation find God again?

It’s time to STAND UP instead of SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


So, where do I start? You know those days where you should have just hid under the covers and not gotten out of bed? Well, today was one of those days!!

Where do I start? How about the fact that from the moment Junior Mint (side note: he doesn't like Junior Mints at ALL) woke up he was out to destroy our home. He walked out his bedroom door and refused to go downstairs without his Cookie Monster book, considering that the big blue cookie hungry monster has now taken over the Noble lives. We can't go anywhere that Cookie Monster is without hearing a loud little "COOOOKIE" in the famous Cookie Monster voice! So after 10 minutes of trying to get down the stairs with a book in tow (which he is determined to do by himself because he is so incredibly independent) we make it to breakfast. Breakfast went well! Then playtime rolled around.

He pulled EVERY toy he had that he could get to out and just left them, didn't play with them, just left them. He then got a stuffed ball and threw it to the dogs and when they started tearing it up, he thought it was funny. Every time the dogs stopped he took it back to them to tear up some more, leaving me with a pile of white fuzz in the floor that looked like our dogs ate a bunny in our living room!

I then decided that being inside for the 3rd straight day was too much for one little off to the park we went. That's where it got really bad!! We got to the park and ate lunch then played for about 30 minutes. Then, Junior Mint went up the stairs about 10 feet from me and he started stomping his feet and staying "Mommy, ouchy, ouchy". I ran to him and he was brushing his legs. I looked down and his feet were COVERED with fire ants! I jerked his shoes and socks off and ripped his shorts off. I was screaming inside but trying to stay calm on the outside so Junior Mint wouldn't cry. He DIDN'T!! He hung in there like a big boy while I stripped him down on a picnic table. All the bites started to swell. They are mostly on his ankles and wrists and knees. I have counted 17 so far and I know that's not all. The doctor said to watch him for a couple hours...his breathing was fine and no major problems other than local reactions. The bites swelled up and he kept telling me they itched. I gave him Benedryl and Motrin and he has been fine other than the itching, which will hopefully subside after the baking soda bath. They said that fire ant bites look worse the next that should be interesting. If you have ever seen Junior Mint with a mosquito bite you understand why this worries me! Mosquito bites swell up like golf balls! If the bites swell or look really bad they want us to come in tomorrow and they may have to give him an oral steroid...but I don't think that will happen!

As if that wasn't enough, we get the mail this evening and we have a letter from the IRS saying that we owe money from 2007. There was a W2 turned in that we didn't claim on our return. When we looked at the information, it is a company that I have never heard of! There was a W2 issued to the IRS in my social security number! YEA!! Now, I get to call that company and try to get them to send a corrected W2 to the IRS. I could have had the IRS do the leg work, but it's way more complicated! I have to get all this done by November 4th!

Then we went to Chick-Fil-A...Junior Mint deserved it after the day he had and Mommy needed a break! I open my sandwich and there is a hair in it. I took it back and they were so amazing about it. I got a new sandwich, another sandwich free for a later visit and a personal apology from the owner! I LOVE Chick-Fil-A!! For those of you who don't know...I also LOVE my CFA tea!!! I was on my second cup and I went to take the tray and knocked my cup on the floor, where it then exploded EVERYWHERE!! The owner cleaned it up for me and was awesome about it, while I was completely embarrassed!!

So...that is the Noble Nuggets day!!! Now, you can see why we all should have just stayed in BED!!

Psalm 18:1-3
I love you, O LORD, my strength. The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. I call to the LORD, who is worthy of praise, and I am saved from my enemies.