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Monday, December 14, 2009

Experiencing Christmas

Before Mr. Goodbar and I even had children we discussed how we wanted Christmas to be and how we intended on handling it with our future children; we have adapted and added to that plan as our family grows and we grow as Christians.

We want Junior Mint to understand not just the true meaning of Christmas, but the whole concept of the world verses Christians. He needs to understand that just because other people have twenty-five presents under the tree doesn’t mean he needs that many. We feel a few is more than sufficient or that just because someone else has very expensive gifts doesn’t make them better than a gift from the heart! His life will be full of things that we will have to explain that just because someone else does something, it doesn’t make it okay!

A big one for us is gratitude! People have forgotten what that words means, I’m not even sure it is in Webster’s anymore!!! He needs to understand that it is NOT and NEVER will be appropriate or accepted that he gets mad or upset at not getting what he wants!! We want him to understand that presents are not the focus of Christmas! Present are a privilege, not a right!!

I know a lot of parents say they love to see the “joy their kids have” when they open gifts…however I believe they love the joy they feel at picking out a great gift for their child (and I use the term joy very loosely there). We want Junior Mint to understand that there is NO joy that comes in a box wrapped under a tree or comes with a FROM tag. The only true joy that he will feel will be from the Lord!

We want Junior Mint to understand that you don’t behave between Thanksgiving and Christmas because Santa is watching; you behave all year because God requires obedience! There is no “pitching fits” at the thought of having to wait to open presents until AFTER we eat or until Mommy/Daddy take care of a few things. Obedience and patience are requirements from God!

Now, I do understand that there are probably a lot of people reading this thinking that “well, she will see it’s different when he gets a little older and all he cares about is that new toy”…no you see, we feel that isn’t an attitude they develop on their own. That attitude is planted and cultivated! Now…for the half of you that didn’t check out after that…..

We have spent over two years expressing our views/plans about Christmas and how we want our children to experience it. I think that no matter how we put it, we can’t quite get the point across. I heard an illustration used in our sermon yesterday that was perfect. It sums up EXACTLY how we want Junior Mint (and the little nugget and any future children after) to feel about Christmas. I really hope that when you read this you will stop and think…not just about your kids, but about how you treat Christmas!!

Christmas morning a little girl sat in a living room. After opening all the presents, her mom looked at her and asked “Honey, did you get everything you wanted for Christmas?” The little girl responded, “NO, but it isn’t my birthday”!!

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RUBY said...

totally agree with you. Such a great message. Sometimes we forget what Christmas is really about.
BTW following from MBC