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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Your opinion can only be expressed if you agree with me!

First off, sorry for the massive amounts of time that seem to be passing between my posts recently. Between the holidays, taking care of Junior Mint, being so tired and housework I struggle to find time to throw up (which is very often at this point)!

Moving on, if any of you are on Facebook and see my comments you will understand where this is coming from, for those of you who aren't, let me give you a little insight! I often post OPINIONS as my statuses and have recently come under fire for some of those. It started with a comment about Grey's Anatomy and more recently started a "firestorm" with a comment about Thanksgiving being a day to thank God. This all has really made me extremely frustrated with our country.

Why is it that Christians seem to come under fire for personal opinions but (for lack of a better term) liberals* seem to be able to say anything they want and we have to accept it? (Just for the record I don't believe you can be a true Christian and a true liberal at the same time.) Why is it what they say is "being politically correct" but what we say is being judgmental?

It really bothers me that they can degrade our holidays and traditions and mold them into what they want but we can't even say that Christmas is about Christ. Mr. Goodbar and I recently heard the news interview someone about the Gap ad (refer to my previous post if you don't know what I am talking about) and they said that "we" (Christians) need to understand that Christmas is an "all-inclusive" holiday now and more than Christians celebrate it and we shouldn't exclude non-Christians. Please explain that to me....without Christ there would be NO CHRISTmas!! How has Christmas become an all-inclusive holiday? Why do we, Christians, have to be the ones to concede to everyone else?

I'm so tired of the message that "Your opinion can only be expressed if you agree with me" that is being sent out by liberals (and I really don't like that term, but what other term would be better here). Why is my opinion so wrong but they are so right? Why can't I voice my opinion without being attacked as being judgmental? What has happened to our nation?

What has happened to Christianity?

*I do not use the term liberal and democrat synonymously. The term liberal is used with beliefs that typically contradict Christian beliefs.

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