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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Now that's one cute little bum!!

If you have read my blog, you know that I was going crazy (many of you probably think literally) over trying to decide what cloth diapers to use! search is over! Over this past weekend, I went to buy some AIOs to try and ended up with Bummis. You really need to check them out!! I went with the cotton cloth diapering system.

There are two versions, here are what they came with:

36 UNBLEACHED prefold diapers
6 Super Whisper Wrap
1 roll of 100 liners

15+ lbs
24 UNBLEACHED prefold diapers
4 Super Whisper Wrap
1 roll of 100 liners

We bought both versions so we could go ahead and plan for any future babies, plus we found them on sale!

I know that when people see the word prefold they check out....but just wait and read, PLEASE!!

I washed the diapers 3 times and they became so "fluffy" and soft, and super absorbent! You fold the diapers just like you do when you go to put them away and they lay in the wraps perfectly. The wraps even have a "pocket" that the front slides in to keep it in place.

We also bought 3 AIOs for church and for babysitters, while they are very cute, I have found that they are actually more "complicated" than my Bummis. You see there are no pins, no snaps, no anything to deal with on the Bummis. I folded all the diapers and put a liner on them before I put them away and now I just grab one and lay it in the cover! Don't get me wrong, the AIOs are good, but I can fold and line about 3-4 prefolds by the time I stuff one pocket diaper (and I have multiple brands so it's not that). It took me about 5 minutes to fold and line and put away 18 prefolds this morning! I also love the fact that you can pick up the liner and flush away the poo with it!

Now, for the only drawback: Some background info: I have found is my son is a VERY HEAVY wetter. We have some disposables left (and me being the crazy OCD person I am, I wanted EVERY cover and diaper clean) so I used one while I was doing the wash yesterday. He peed through that disposable and all over his shirt and shorts in about 3 hours (which was a nap no less). In the Bummis he pees and the cover has gotten wet 3 times in 5 days so I had to use a new cover....but it DID NOT get on his clothes!!! I will change that cover every time if his clothes stay dry! I think if your child isn't a heavy wetter you won't have the same problem!

I did try a prefold someone had given me in the Bummis worked, the wrap kept his clothes dry but the prefold wasn't NEAR the same quality as the ones from Bummis!!!

I know that prefolds have a "bad wrap" so to speak, but my experience has definitely sold me on them! The Bummis wraps works GREAT! So, if you are looking for a cloth diapering system take a minute to check out BUMMIS!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In Control?

To give you a little glimpse into our household over the past week or so...
Went on a trip to NC, husband got a rash and we thought it was shingles but turned out to be pityriasis rosea, changed over to cloth diapers, attempted to shave the dogs, went to a Memorial Day swim, and many, many more things!

So, now I bet you are wondering what the point to all that was. Well, I'll tell you! I was talking to some friends yesterday about planning for baby #2 and we were talking about what I call "the fear factor". The fear factor is when you get freaked out by the possibility of 2 children to be responsible for, twice as much food, twice as much laundry, twice as many boo-boos and midnight feedings all over again. Even though Mr. Goodbar and I are sure we want more children, I still have those moments. When I get all mentally prepared and say "I can handle more children, no problem" I get freaked out and think, I can't do that! I can't handle breastfeeding a baby ever 4 hours while trying to keep up with a toddler!

But you know what keeps me sane....knowing I don't have to "handle it". I don't have to do it. I don't have to deal with everything. Why, you ask....because I have someone who will handle it for me, NO not a nanny---GOD!

I know that God has promised that he won't give me more than I can handle, he won't leave me! I look back on Junior Mint's life and realize I didn't get him to this point....God did! God gave me the knowledge and ability to handle everything that came my way.

There were many nights that I thought "I'm so tired I will never hear him wake up", but I always did. There were days I thought I couldn't get up, but I did. There were days I thought "if I have to breastfeed one more time today I will scream", but I never did. There were days I thought that if I had to scrub baby poop off of one more outfit I would loose it, but I didn't.

You see, I quickly realized I wasn't in control of my life. Many people tried to say, you don't control your life anymore, you live for your baby! Don't get me wrong....I love my family beyond belief, but that isn't what I live for. I live to bring glory to God! I am not in control of my life, because God is in control of my life! God knows what I can handle and what I can't, he knows where my breaking point is and he knows me better than I know myself!

Mr. Goodbar and I decided a long time ago that we would put our family in His hands and let Him guide our lives. We realized if things had gone according to our plan, things would be A LOT different, and not in a good way!

So, you see whether it is thoughts of another baby or new job or a potential spouse...put it in His control, happily! We always tell our son to obey without whining, complaining or you do that with God? Do you put him in control? Do you obey the first time, all the way, with a happy heart? Just remember God will never give you more than you can handle....if you allow him to handle it for you!

Remember the song: "Cast all your cares upon Jesus"

Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.--Isaiah 41:10

¨But God is faithful, and he will not let YOU be tempted beyond what YOU can bear, but along with the temptation he will also make the way out in order for YOU to be able to endure it.¨--1 Corinthians 10:13 . . .


This past weekend Junior Mint experienced a big milestone...his very FIRST haircut. Mr. Goodbar wanted him to have his first haircut where he had his, so that's what we did. Back in our home state of NC there is a little barber shop with a great man named Joel! We called and planned for him to cut his hair. Now, I was VERY worried about Junior Mint flipping out, between the sounds and the gigantic chair I thought he would get scared and cry. It was just the opposite!

Junior Mint LOVES to have his hair combed/brushed so for about 5 minutes leading up to the big event we prepped him. We asked if he wanted his hair combed and he constantly said "yes" and then we said "now Mr. Joel is going to cut your hair like he is cutting that man's" and he said "yes".

Then the time came....Joel put a "seat" in the chair to lift him up and there he sat, big and tall! He sat so still the WHOLE time, even with the clippers and the sound! The only time he cried was when Joel got the blow dryer out to blow him off. (He's cried at the blow dryer as long as I can remember, not sure why...if you are a psychiatrist maybe you can help me out there).

Junior Mint had an AMAZING first haircut, thanks to Joel and his wonderful way with kiddos! If you are ever in Maiden, NC I know a great place to get a guy/boy's haircut!

If you want to check out the whole experience, check out the album here: Mason's First Haircut

Quick Rant

I thought I would take a quick moment for a quick rant!

As you have noticed, it has been a while since I have posted here on the blog. Our family went to NC to visit our parents for Memorial Day weekend....we had a big milestone while we were there. Check out a future post!

Anyway, I have been having blog withdrawals! I was so ready to post some updates and write out some stuff last night. I got all ready, pictures on the computer, baby in bed and uninterrupted time...finally!! Then, I logged on to post and guess what...BLOGGER WASN'T WORKING!! I couldn't get my Blogger to work for ANYTHING! I was SO MAD!!

Anyway....I'm over that. I just wanted to share my frustration for a moment. Thanks for listening reading!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I've been diagnosed with CDIO....

Yes, I have officially been diagnosed with CDIO, aka Cloth Diaper Information Overload. For several weeks now I have been researching cloth diapers.

Yes, I know Junior Mint is a little over a year old...but hopefully we will have more babies and their cute little bottoms will need to be covered as well.

Yes, my mother tried to get me to use them with Junior Mint and I would not.

Yes, I know they are better for the environment.

Yes, I know they are better for the little tushy.

Yes, I know they are cheaper.

Now, with all that out of the way...I want to change over and use them in the future.

The cloth diapers now are not "your momma's diapers"! They range from the ones like I wore as a baby to ones that are literally just like disposables except you wash them. However, they are more expensive initially...hence why we want to start buying now and buy a few at a time and hopefully by the time we are ready for another baby we will have a full stash ready to go!

So now, I'm sure you are asking why I am saying I have CDIO...if you haven't caught all the information floating around, let me introduce you to the little unknown world of cloth diapering!
There are AIO (all-in-ones) the closet to disposable, there are pocket diapers, there are pocket AIOs, there are AIT (all-in-twos), there are overnight ones, there are prefolds, there are fitted and there are flat. Now, several of these don't need covers, some of them do. Now, you ask "how many types of covers can there be?". Well, there are nylon, PUL, wool, cotton and fleece to name a few. Then, there are the sized ones or the one-sized, meaning do I get ones that can be used from newborn until potty training?

I often wonder what does a newborn look like in a diaper that fits an 18 month old? I'm guessing we would be able to save on clothes, because with that diaper the poor newborn wouldn't need a shirt, it would be like a tube top and diaper in one!

So, after weeks of searching, talking to friends, seeing some of the name brands in action, researching, researching and more researching....I am no where CLOSE to picking "my" brand! I need some cloth diapering expert to come look at my baby and need X kind, X number, X inserts and etc...

So you see folks, my CDIO is about to get the best of me, I'm about to have a mental melt-down!

So…if any of you have “cures” for my CDIO, please let me know; or if there are any CDIO specialists, please send some info my way; or if you just want to make fun of me, that’s okay too!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Terrific Tuesday...followed by some Terrible Decisions!

Today was a Terrific Tuesday (like the alliteration?)! We woke up early and headed to a Scholastic warehouse sale...if you aren't familiar with them, you need to catch up! They are the people that put on the book fairs for school, they have AWESOME deals at these things. Check it out: We took that trip with Lar-ly and the cutest little red-headed boy you have ever seen! When we got back the two little boys had a great time tackling the toys! After that we had some always awesome Chick-fil-A! We decided the boys needed a nap so we headed home...straight to NAP! We had a TERRIFIC TUESDAY..that is where that ended!

Mr. Goodbar went to wake up Junior Mint after 2 1/2 hours of nap (we always do this, it isn't new) and he was NOT happy! He cried because he wanted to sleep, so we laid him back down...then more crying, this time to get up. Junior Mint came downstairs for snack, this went pretty well, until he threw it to the puppies! Then, came the Terrible Decisions!

Junior Mint has it in his head that standing in the dog water dish is a good idea, and has for some time now. He has gotten in trouble and we have tried to correct this behavior several ways, and yet he still ends up with a wet foot everyday! Today...not only did he play in the water, he took the lid off the dog food and played in it, he stood in the dog food dish, he shut the door on one of the puppies, he pulled my NEW, CLEAN hand towel out of the kitchen and put it on the very dirty dog, he pulled EVERYTHING off a chair and now he is throwing his cup to see how it sounds with ice in it!

Don't roll your eyes and say "if they had control of that child" or "they must not be handling it" or "they must have let him do that at some point"....cause we have NOT EVER let him act like that, and we are not today. He is getting in trouble every time, however he is determined to keep doing something he isn't supposed to do.

So, even though we try and try and try...we have bad days, we have moments of correction, we have moment of tears, we have screams of anger and a lot of bumps and bruises to show for not listening.....but we move passed it, we love on him after correction, we thank God for him and we continue to bask in the joy of our Little Man!

What we have here folks is nothing more than a Terrific Tuesday followed by some Terrible Decision!

Tomorrow is a new day and full of unknown blessings!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Update...

I know that several of you saw my Tweet last week about having a great weekend planned. I thought I would share what we did and how it went.

We made plans to have a double-date with a great couple (our associate pastor's daughter and son-in-law). They have a son that is 9 months..the cutest little red-headed boy you have EVER seen! Larry (or as Junior Mint calls him Lar-ly) is amazing with kids and Junior Mint absolutely adores him!! So, the boys were going to stay there Saturday evening to play while we went out. I wanted Junior Mint to be comfortable at his house so we visited on Friday, so he could "get to know the joint" and boy did he! He LOVED it. He loved playing on their deck and doing "laps" through their kitchen. We got ready to leave and he didn't want to go..that's when I realized he would be JUST FINE!

The other mom and I planned a day trip to the awesome outlet malls in North Georgia, that went amazing. The boys hung in there and just enjoyed some Chick-fil-A and some cruising in the strollers. It was great!

After that, we traveled back here to Marietta to drop off the kids for some adult fun...that included going to the gun range (which I haven't been since before I got pregnant and the other dad hadn't been in about 9 years and the other mom had NEVER shot) then off to Japanese! The range was always, it's a great way to relieve stress! Then we went to the Japanese restaurant and had a blast...I decided we don't get out near enough as just a couple!

Anyway, when we got back to Lar-ly's the kids were playing away and we found our neighbors (which Junior Mint is convinced they are his grandparents too) there and playing with the kids as well. We were getting ready to leave and the boys were having NONE of it...they were NOT ready to leave. So, we decided to hang out for some ice cream cake (from Trader Joes and it was awesome!). Junior Mint was up way passed his bedtime but he was good and didn't want to leave. I promised him he could go back soon!

It was a GREAT weekend! We planned a play date for tomorrow at our house with Lar-ly and the most adorable little red-headed boy you have ever seen! I know they are going to be best buds!

Junior Mint made a new friend, Mommy and Mr. Goodbar made awesome new friends and the "Atlanta grandparents" got to play...what better way to spend a weekend!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Excellent Post....

Please take the time to read MckMama's latest post on Free Willy. It is excellent! I think with this post I'm just going to let you enjoy reading it...I sure did!!

(Hint:click on the title of my post to head over to MckMama's blog)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Today I kept Junior Mint's friend "K" while her mom worked. We had a blast. We played cars, we played with plastic Easter eggs, we played with the doggies and we ate dinner. The kiddos had so much fun!

Monday, May 11, 2009

"Not me!" Monday

If you aren't familiar with this (and I'm pretty sure most of you are not) headed over to MckMama's blog and see what it's all about. Basically, it's a form of therapy. It is confession time to tell what you did did not do this week!

I most certainly did NOT put Junior Mint in Halloween pajamas because I hadn't done laundry. I definitely did NOT grab a used bib off the dryer and smell it to see "how dirty" it was instead of walking upstairs...that would just be lazy! I absolutely did NOT mail our LLC renewal without signing the form, only to have it returned with a big black "X" saying it needs to be signed...that would be wrong. And of course, I did not feed a guest spaghetti for the millionth time and made her think this is the only dish I cook because I didn't take the time couldn't think of anything else to make.

So you see, I had a great week full of things I most certainly did NOT do!!
Feel free to make confessions of your own in the'll be surprised how much better you feel!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday...

Today seems like an excellent day to start my "new kind" of posts! I'm going to start a "Thoughtful Thursday"...feel free to share your profound thoughts, crazy ideas or just random tidbits. (Although, I have plans for a Tidbit day, just wait).

As of 10:00 this morning, I had done two loads of laundry, a load of dishes, gone to the bank, gone grocery shopping, fed the little MAN and put him down for his nap. Somewhere along the way I stopped to think about it being National Prayer Day. Then I wondered how many people even knew that...or better yet, how many people actually care!

So often are things like this just overlooked...even by our President who has decided not to hold a ceremony today (no political discussion to follow, I promise). I thought that as we go on about our daily lives we often forget the power of prayer. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm sure most of you (me included) pray and pray often (although not as much as we should!). We say our blessings and bedtime prayers but how often do we just stop to pray for the person we just met that had a fowl mouth or what about the people that we pass on Sunday mornings on our way to church while they are walking the dog or headed shopping?

What are we teaching our children? Do we teach them it is good to pray when we sit down to eat or when we go to bed or do we teach them we should be in a constant relationship with God? Yes, relationship!! Think about your relationship...what if I only thought about my wonderful hubby one day a week and only spoke to him at meals and bedtime out of habit and not out of desire? What if I only spoke to him when I wanted something from him? We wouldn't dream of treating our family that way, so why on Earth would we treat our Savior that way?

We often treat him like a 911 operator...we call on him when we need help. Of course, you are to call on God in times of need...but what about thanksgiving and repentance?

You often hear we are creating a "ME" generation...that is pouring over into our prayer life, and our religious life in general. We go to church when it's convenient for ME, we pray when it is convenient for ME, we pray for what I want for ME, we don't pray for anything that would cause ME to have to change. I'm not extremely well versed in the Bible, I haven't taken classes upon classes about the Bible...but I don't know of anywhere in Bible that says it's okay to be selfish and think only about ME!

You is National Prayer Day, but everyday is prayer day...every moment should be prayer moments. We have to teach our children to take everything to God in prayer! We have to teach them to ask for forgiveness on a daily basis. We have to teach them to be thankful for all things...(Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:18). We have to teach our children to have a relationship with God and to avoid sin because sin is separation from God. We have to teach our children to love God no matter what, to call on God no matter what, to praise God no matter what and to communicate with God no matter what!

What is the best way to teach?

"And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints" (Ephesians 6:18).

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


After thinking and talking with Bobby....of course I did more talking! I've decided to revamp the blog!

With the hope of having future children and the ever changing life that is the Noble Home, I've decided that over the next few months I am going to try to make some major changes to our blog.

The major one will probably be in the form of a change of name...from My Mason Moments to something more family oriented (Bobby and I are brainstorming). Also, after reading other blogs that I am following I have a new "idea" (even though I'm really stealing it from several other people) to give nicknames on the blog. This is really more of a cute "safety" measure. Obviously, the people who know us will know who I am talking about, however if someone "wonders" onto the site they won't be able to know exact names and such. I find this worrisome the older Mas gets! I don't want someone to see his picture and know personal things about I often post A LOT of personal stuff! You will probably find more family post or just my thoughts/family thoughts rather than just updates on Mason.

If you haven't ventured out into the blogging world and read other should! I follow some amazing moms that have unbelievable blogs! After getting "sucked into" Stellan's story I realized you never know who can come across your blog and who you might touch through that also is a catalyst for the changes.

The changes will be I don't have tons of time to sit and change things all at once. I will be petitioning for help from my sister in getting it to look "fancier"! I hope to add several fun things! I have already added my Twitter can follow me on Twitter @emilylnoble

I am hoping to gain more readers and turn this into a blog happy world! I would love to add more blogs to the ones I follow...if you have other moms or families that blog...please let me know! I know when I began this blog I intended for it to be more private and family only...but I'm over I said earlier, you never know who will read what and it may change things for them. If I can provide information for a stay-at-home mom or recipes for a new wife or even some crazy thoughts that make someone feel like they are "normal" I am all for that!!

Just know that if you come to the site and find aren't crazy! I'm sure this will be a slow process but it will get there!!

Any thoughts...just leave me some comments or ideas!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Go Braves....

A week ago today, Mason attended his first Braves game.

I was worried about how he would do having to sit for that long..especially since it was way past his bedtime! He did so well! He really seemed to like the whole experience. It did help that we had amazing seats on the casino level so it was air conditioned and quiet. We went to a place call "the park"...its a grassy field on the top level of the stadium where kids can play. There is a third base and home plate there that kids can run the actual distance from plate to plate. Mason because the youngest person to "run" (he walked of course) the distance unassisted! The man was so nice to him! Peachtree TV even got some really good footage of him in his Braves outfit...unfortunately, we never got to see it! Mason fell asleep in the bottom of the 7th and was out until we left. It was a great game, even though the Braves lost (only by 1). We all had a great time!! More games to come....