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Monday, March 8, 2010

A LONG Overdue Update...

It seems like FOREVER since I did an update! I'm sorry for that. Hopefully, this will explain a little of that!

First, I hope each one of you are still taking part in the 40 days for Life!! Don't forget about the change prayer can bring!!

Now...I went for my major ultrasound a few weeks ago (again, I'm so behind). Everything went great! You can see from the pictures that he is growing and healthy!! Just in case you think you have missed something, NO we have not said his name on here and I won't (just like Junior Mint) but we have not given him a "Blog Persona" yet either. We have decided to wait and see his personality first!!

The baby is good, but Mommy not so much. This pregnancy is way more difficult than Junior Mint's, it seems. I am HUGE...which I hear is normal for baby #2! My "morning sickness" (otherwise called can't keep anything down sickness) has subsided, I'm only getting sick occasionally now, which is such a relief!! I am however, having Braxton Hicks contractions, which are completely normal at this stage, I just have to be careful and count/time them. I'm supposed to rest more and drink more, which I am trying to do. When they are bad, I have to get off my feet, which isn't easy with a 2 year old! My swelling is worse this time, but I'm sure that is because I am on my feet more than I was with Junior Mint. I have horrible heartburn....they say that means he'll have hair, we shall see!! I don't sleep well...mainly because of heartburn or the party going on in my belly. It appears as if I have the same problem I had with Junior Mint of having a lot of amniotic fluid. This pregnancy is just so different from Junior Mint!

Well...I know it appears as if I am complaining about everything, I'm sorry! I want to make sure to update everyone and try to explain why when I do get a free moment I'm usually spending it resting or catching up on housework.

Our baby boy is growing and healthy...that is ALL that matters!!

Look at those little feet!

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