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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Not long ago, I was riding with a friend having a conversation about some mutual people we know, people who say they are Christians but we were discussing how if a stranger sat down with them and didn’t discuss the topic directly would they know they were children of God!

That made us start talking about people who say they are Christians and even go to church, some even every time the doors are open, but does their life really reflect a change?

(Yes, I have written on something very close to this before but not exactly!)

It doesn’t mean that I doubt everyone that does questionable things, because we ALL sin and do stupid things!! I mean the people that blatantly disagree with some basic truths of the Bible. Can we doubt the Bible in certain areas and still be a complete follower of Jesus? How is that any different than Jewish people, who we don’t call Christians, but they follow the Bible, just don’t believe in the New Testament? What if I said I didn’t believe in one little thing? I know some people will argue that you can disagree with the little things, as long as you are on the same page with the (what our pastor calls) “the non-negotiables”.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree that there are some things that it is okay to have a different opinion on, for example: Premillennium, Amillennium, or Postmillennium (if you are unsure what that means, I suggest an internet search here). That difference doesn’t really matter; our pastor puts it best….

“I’m not on the Time and Place committee; I’m on the preparation committee!”

So where is the line? Where is that defining point of disagreement verses non-believing? How do you decide what the “important things” are and what you can disagree with? I’m not going to pretend that I have some deep philosophical answer (maybe you do??) but I can say that I do think there are things that you MUST agree with! Part of being a Christian (TO ME) is you have a fundamental belief in the a few things…this website is the BEST one I have found that lays it all out (with reference verses)!!

The Baptist Faith

(even if you are not Baptist, please take a few minutes to read it, it is a statement of faith for Christians, I am aware that there are minor differences such as total immersion vs. sprinkling, etc. I chose this one because it is reputable source; you have to be careful where you get your faith statements!)

We have a book, A Time To Clash, by Doug Giles. We do NOT agree with everything in the book, there is one thing that I am starting to see more and more, especially in light of our new “leadership”. He has a chapter entitled, “A Christian Can Be a Christian or a Liberal, But He Can’t be Both”. (Not a Democrat, a Liberal, there is a difference) This website explains that chapter in a short, to the point kind of way. I do recommend you check out the actual book and this chapter (if nothing else) because it gives REAL examples of the kind of thing he is speaking of!

Check it out!

Now that I am sure I’ve made several of you mad with that….

Back to the conversation with my friend….we talked about if you discussed the current American situation with a person, would they know you were a Christian? If your answer is….probably or maybe, then you need to rethink where you stand on some issues! When we discuss the “major” issues on the table there should be a difference with what we say/believe and what “mainstream America” says/believes! We know that Christianity is no longer promoted as “mainstream” so therefore, we can’t go with mainstream America. We have to stand up and make a stance!

There WILL come a time when we have to defend our faith, it looks like sooner than later, so are you ready to stand up against the masses and defend what you believe NO MATTER WHAT? Do you believe in your faith enough to change the way you think socially and politically??


Makia said...

Oh man. I can DEFINITELY say that when discussing America's current status people WILL KNOW I am a Christian. There is no way to NOT. I have actually been struggling alot lately with what I say to people. The sinner in me wants to get angry and argue and punch people in the face but I KNOW that isn't the way to go about it. Great post. I believe that if you are a TRUE opposed to one who JUST 'said a prayer'....then change will be evident in your life. There are sooo many who simply ask Jesus into their heart (I can't stand that phrase by the way) and get up and walk away as if nothing ever happened. I could talk for hours about this....but I won't :)

Plowmanators said...

Em, you are the winner of the bean bag! Email me at to claim your prize. You have one week. Congrats!