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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wait...How did this happen?

Yesterday, I went to the doctor to check on the newest Noble nugget. The doctor walked in and said, so you are 30 weeks and 2 days, I thought "What?? Wait!! How did this happen?" I know I often complain that pregnancy is way too long. In fact, this weekend Mr. Goodbar and I were having a conversation with some friends about how God can do anything He wants, so why did He choose 9 months, why not shorter...then Mr. Goodbar replied "at least He didn't treat it like an elephant"..Thanks!

Anyway, what happened? Where has the time gone? I have 9 weeks left. WHAT??? We still have to paint Junior Mint's new room and move him into it (which includes moving the guest bed to the basement and the basement couch to the office), paint over the name on the wall in the nursery and get it ready, drag out all the baby stuff from the attic, pack the bags and finalize plans for Junior Mint when the time comes! (Hopefully, the rooms will be done next week.) Not to mention, a wedding Mr. Goodbar is in 2 weeks before my due date and he just found out he has to go to Connecticut June 2nd (at least it's only a day). So, if you haven't figure it out by now...I'm starting to freak out!! I suddenly feel like we are in a race against the clock!

Good news is the little nugget is doing great! Everything looks good! I've gained a total of 8lbs so far (which is surprising the way I look in the picture) but we figured out it is ALL baby! I asked if this baby is huge or does he just feel huge, and the doctor's response was "Well, he's definitely a BIG baby, not a giant, but big, very healthy for this stage." Thanks...I think! He assures me he is not too big, just healthy! Which I am VERY grateful for... but with Junior Mint being almost 9 lbs when he was born, this worries me, because this baby feels (and looks) that big NOW!

The biggest problems now are I'm still having a little pain from the pulled groin muscle 2 weeks ago, but it is diminishing, the aches are getting stronger in my back and lower abdomen, and he is on the move 24/7 which makes it very hard to sleep or rest! Overall, things are good. Oh yeah...I have been having some dizzy spells, and the doctor thinks it is probably an inner ear issue from drainage from my sinuses with all this pollen and no allergy medicine!! That's easy to deal with though, sit and rest!

So....time is counting down, much faster here towards the end it seems!! The nugget is doing well, Junior Mint is well, Mr. Goodbar is well and so am I...we can't ask for anything more!!!!


pam said...

Enjoy these last few weeks. I loved being pregnant, do you? You look great!!

TeamOSM said...

Congrats on the pregnancy! You have a beautiful family. =) Found you via Swap Mamas. We're close by! I live in Cartersville! Look forward to getting to know you via your blog. Woo hoo!