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Monday, May 10, 2010

Not much to report...

Well, there isn't a lot in the way of new news. I went to the doc this morning to check on the little nugget! I haven't dilated anymore, which is GOOD!! I had a test called a fetal fibronectin test. It is supposed to predict premature labor in the next two weeks or so (medicine is amazing)! The test won't come back until tomorrow (which we knew that).

Outcome of today: I am still on bedrest, I am still on my medicine and I have lost almost 2 more pounds! He isn't worried about the weight, as long as it starts to come up soon!! I have to go back in a week for another check-up.

Still waiting....and waiting....and waiting, but that's a good thing right now, he needs to stay put for a little while!

Please pray that the little nuggets stays put until he's fully developed, that my contractions/pains don't come back, my family who is watching Junior Mint and our two dogs and for my poor hubby that has to put up with me while working and doing EVERYTHING around here (all while I freeze him out cause my medicine makes me incredibly HOT)!!

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