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Friday, May 7, 2010

This week has been a roller coaster!!

Let's see if I can even remember all that has happened to us in the past few days!!

First, Monday Junior Mint has a little stomach bug but it seemed much better and gone by Tuesday. Wednesday morning we all 3 woke up with it. Mr. Goodbar stayed home from work (which he has to be VERY sick to do). We realized that Junior Mint hadn't peed in about 13 hours, so we called the doc and of course they wanted to see him. By the time we got there he was throwing up every 20 minutes or so and couldn't keep anything down. They sent us to the children's hospital for dehydration to try to make sure he wouldn't get any worse. He was so tired and sick when we got there they decided to try oral meds first. That seemed to do the trick (they were very strong). We had to wait until he could keep down fluids and solids before we could leave. Eventually, everything was good and he seems to be back to about 99% now!!

That's the easy part to explain!! Now, for me!!! I've been having contractions since week before last and the doc was going to do a test this coming Monday to try to predict if anything was going to happen soon. We didn't make it that far! When I got sick Wednesday I couldn't stop throwing up either. I hadn't kept anything down, including liquids. So, I began to get dehydrated, which I called my doc to go see them but I wanted to get Junior Mint taken care of first, we thought he was worse! While at the children's hospital, I started having bad contractions, the kind I couldn't talk through. Off to the doc I went!! When I got there they checked the baby's heartbeat and told me I had to get to the hospital NOW! The ketones in my urine were incredibly bad, which meant my body was eating stored fat. If you read my last post you will see that I have only gained 8 lbs...well, by the time I got to the doc I had lost 1.4 of that. I thought I would be going in for some IV fluids then home. They hooked me up to the monitors and ran some tests. I was definitely in pre-term labor! My contractions were rather strong. They gave me some medicine for the nausea and pain killer which helped me sleep. I had started to dilate and they were concerned. They also gave me steroid shots to help the baby develop faster. They admitted me and I had to stay to get fluids and to monitor my contractions, which at that point seemed to be diminishing with the fluids (or so we thought). About 2 AM they came in and woke me up (they gave me something to help me sleep) and said my contractions had picked up and they needed to advance to the medicine to make them stop.

Thursday morning, I woke up and the doc came in and ordered an ultrasound to check on the baby and my progress. The baby is actually measuring two weeks ahead so that's good! Everything looked good. I had two more shots to stop contractions and they had to change my nausea medicine to something stronger. I then had the medicine orally to stop contractions and one more steroid shot (they REALLY hurt by the way). They said I could go home if I kept something down and my contractions slowed. Thankfully, both of those happened! They sent me home last night with some strong nausea medicine and Tributeline (to stop contractions) by mouth. I take that every 4 hours...EVERY 4 hours so I have to set an alarm to get up and take it at night, but it seems to be helping...I WILL NOT complain about that! I did get sick again last night but so far so good today. I kept half a bagel down so far! So what does all this mean....

Well, the baby needs to stay put for a couple more weeks at the earliest!! So, I am on the medicine (one of which is not normally covered by insurance and it is VERY expensive, but thankfully our insurance covers it) and I go back Monday to check on everything. I have been put on bed rest! Seeing that Junior Mint is a two year old...that's difficult! But God has a way of working everything out!! Unfortunately, my sister lost her job last week, however that is the ONLY way this is possible for us! She is going to keep him for me until we know more. Then, hopefully she will be able to come to our house for a little while to keep him too (they live 4 1/2 hours away). My mom came down to care for him and me for now. God has a way of working everything out!!

Right now, we are just waiting and I am resting! Hoping this baby decides to stay put for a while!!!

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