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Thursday, June 24, 2010

On Thursday, June 17th (one week ago today) we welcomed our newest little nugget to the family!! Our beautiful baby boy weighed in at 7 lbs. 7 oz., 20 inches long!

It was a long process to get him here but once he decided to come…it was shorter than we EVER expected!!

Tuesday, I went back to the hospital with the same torn muscle pain I had been having, only this time I couldn’t get my pain meds down. The doctor decided to induce earlier…Thursday! We had to call at 6:00am to get our time to come in. The nurse told me to be there before 7:30am. We stopped at Chick-fil-A for breakfast and then we were off for what I thought would be a long day! We checked in at 7am and got all changed and hooked up. I was still having the same small contractions as normal (sad that had become normal). They started pitosin…A LOT of it!! The doctor broke my water about 10:45 or so and we were off. I was 4 cm. About 20 minutes later I asked for my epidural before the pain got too bad…well… the anesthesiologist was in another room so I had to wait. They sat me up and got me all ready and something about the movement caused things to go crazy! Instantly, I felt horrible back and pelvis pain, not really full blown contractions. I don’t think the nurse believed me because my contractions were only registering in the 20s. She kept saying “another one already??” At this point, I yelled at Mr. Goodbar, got mad at the nurse and started to think I wouldn’t make it until that anesthesiologist got there! But, as you guessed, I did make it! He came and started my epidural, set up the pump and we waited (I never got to the point of needing to press the button for more meds).

About 10 minutes later the nurse came and moved the monitor for the baby because they couldn’t get a heartbeat. They turned me about 20 times, 20 different directions. I had to flip and flop and turn and twist. They propped me up and dropped my head below my belly and still, couldn’t get a heartbeat. Mr. Goodbar, my mom and I all had this horrible feeling that a c-section was coming. Finally, she decided to check me saying “we will just see if this is it, but it can’t be already.” Sure enough, she said “well, there’s the baby and we are ready to go, NOW.”

My doctor said he would come back at noon to check on me. When he got there they told him we were ready. I started pushing at 12:10 and our newest little nugget arrived at 12:22pm. It was a total of about 1 hr 45 min. The baby nurse almost didn’t even make it there, the doctor called for her twice because it was so fast. It was truly an answer to prayers, because with the torn muscle I wasn’t sure how long/hard I could push.

Everything went great!! He did have a lot of fluid because of having such a quick delivery. He would gag and couldn’t get it up and start to turn blue. On Friday, they had to fill his little belly full of saline and flush it out. It made a HUGE difference and things were much better by Saturday.

We got released on Saturday and have been home ever since. Things are going well. We are trying to find our new normal! His weight is great, he’s eating great, he’s sleeping well and he is incredibly cute (looks just like Junior Mint did)!!

We are so excited and ready to see what the future holds!

(Just in case you were wondering, no we don’t have a name for him yet to add to our little Candy Store on here, we want to see how his personality develops first)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Attack of the Torn Muscle!!!

We were hit again....the attack of the torn muscle!!! I feel like I need that horror movie music playing! Dun....Dun....Dun...(just doesn't have the same effect when you read it).

Yesterday was another very eventful day for us!! The morning was pretty normal, other than this new phase that Junior Mint is going through (that I sure hope passes fast)! He asks for what he wants over and over and over and get the point. I think he is trying to wear me down to give in but it really just ends in time out for him, so hopefully it will be quick lived!!

Anyway, I was hurting around lunch but made lunch (which is very hard because our new fridge stopped working last Thursday and they can't come until tomorrow). We ate and I decided I needed my pain medicine cause it was getting worse. By the time I got to the bathroom to get the pills I could barely move. I dropped my pill (a narcotic) and it went under the couch. I got in the floor to try to find it and the evil torn muscle monster attacked in full force!!! I sat there crying and couldn't move!! All I could think was that I couldn't get my medicine and the dog would eat it and then that would be a whole other issue!! Junior Mint got my phone for me and I called our neighbor to come over. He came and got me my medicine and found the lost pill!! Him and his wife waited with me until the pain eased up! Luckily, it was nap time for Junior Mint so he went down and I sat down.

You can imagine what I was like with 2 pain killers in my system!! I laid down and was good for about an hour. THEN....I got this over whelming feeling of being sick. I threw up and threw up and threw up some more! I couldn't keep anything down, which made me dizzy and shaky. Mr. Goodbar came home early to try to help me out. My mom had called him worried and he called my doctor. The nurse wanted me to go to the hospital to double check everything.

When we got to the doctor it was about 5:30. They hooked me up and sure enough, contractions!! But that's nothing new!! The doctor did some more blood work (God knows what he is doing because I should be out of blood by now)!! They gave me IV fluids and medicine for the nausea--that knocked me out. Around 9:00 he came back and said everything looked okay...except my potassium was about a banana low! He told me to keep the induction on Monday. Well....given everything Mr. Goodbar was NOT okay with that! He asked why I had to continue with the pain if the baby was okay. He called the other doctor and they agreed to induce as soon as there was an available spot. (They can only have so many beds occupied by inductions because of people going into labor naturally) The first spot was Thursday...with the doctor I LOVE!! YEA!!! So, I have to call at 6 AM Thursday morning to see what time I can come!! Until then, I am very drugged up!! I have my pain medication plus nausea medication that makes me sleep!! Today, Mr. Goodbar has to go in for a few hours to finish up some things and Junior Mint and I are going with him! We are going to have lunch as a family of 3 one last time!!

Right now, we just need everything to calm down. It has been a CRAZY ride for weeks now! We are SO tired and run down. I actually think things will be calmer when the baby gets here as opposed to now!! Our house has been a revolving door and nothing has gone right! We are just ready to find our "new normal".

Please pray that everything goes smoothly tomorrow and
that we can find our "new normal" easily and quickly!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

End in sight???

Today was the same ole', same ole' thing! Up early and off to the doctor!

First, let me update on what has been going on!! Last weekend, we were back in the hospital, but not for labor pains (at first). I had a horrible pain in my side and wasn't sure what it was. The midwife and doctor thought I may have a problem with the placenta or an infection, so after several blood tests, ultrasound and pain meds they discovered that they are pretty sure it is a torn uterine muscle!! NOT FUN when it is the size of a beach ball!! They can't really confirm nor deny it until after I have the baby, seeing that you can't have any scans while pregnant! But, good news is it will heal on its own after I have the baby! While I was in the hospital I started "hard labor contractions" so much that the doctor and nurse were both convinced that it was labor and the doctor said 48-72 hours til we had a baby.....well, that came and went with NO LUCK!! They sent me home with pain medication to wait some more. I've had contractions about every day for 2-3 hours a day like that, I just have to suffer through them until they go away. Two doctors and the midwife told me to wait until 38 and 1/2 weeks and we would discuss what we could do!!

With that being said, we were more than anxious to make it to the doctor today!! I had already told myself not to get too excited. We were seeing the one doctor we haven't seen at all during this pregnancy. We went through everything we have been through in the last seven weeks. He said that for the baby's sake he wouldn't induce until next Monday! NOT the news I needed today!!

So, right now we are waiting on confirmation from the hospital that Monday is all set up! I'm still hoping that we don't make it there. This is getting unbearable! I am pretty much in constant pain of some sort, either contractions, pelvic pain or the torn muscle pain. I can only take the pain medication when I have someone here to watch Junior Mint!!

I know I've become "less than friendly" to most. I'm so tired of the same old questions with the same old answers! I know Mr. Goodbar is over all this!! He has done everything for 7 weeks now!! He has been Mommy and Daddy, done the laundry, done the cooking/cleaning and still had to work 50 hrs or so at work, do his consulting work at home and keep up with his commitments at church!! He has done an amazing job (especially considering he doesn't get much sleep because of me)!!

So....we know there is an end but I'm not quite sure it is in sight for us yet!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Waitin' it out....

I went back to the doctor yesterday to check on the little nuggets. Sadly, there wasn't really any change in the news from last Thursday!

He told me that nothing had really changed with my dilation and there was really nothing they could do for me right now! It's still too early to think about inducing. This was NOT the news I was hoping for yesterday!! I'm sure my disappointment was due to the fact that my pain was the worst I have had yet. My contractions were about every 4 minutes or less but they weren't getting any stronger, just strong enough to hurt but not do anything. The abdominal cramping was what was so bad...I couldn't really walk! The doctor told me the only thing to do was stay off my feet at this point for what little relief I could get, but there was no way to stop or ease the pain!

I was really disappointed all afternoon, but like I said, I'm sure the pain had a lot to do with that. I kept reminding myself all day that that was probably the answer I would get, but I guess I was hoping for better news! Not to mention, there is still the wedding on the 12th; it looks like Mr. Goodbar will be traveling by himself unless this little guy decides to come before the weekend!!

So now, the only thing is to wait! More waiting!!! I'm trying hard not to get discouraged! I know people reading this are thinking "you're only 36 1/2 weeks", but after having pre-term labor twice and all the medicine and constant pain/contractions for days, it's kind of hard not to want this baby to come NOW! I woke up this morning deciding that I would just go about everything as normal as possible, because it won't be long before we have a "new kind of normal" around here! I'm going to rest when I can, get off my feet when Junior Mint will cooperate (which he has been AMAZING lately), take a warm bath when the pain gets bad and try not to be impatient!!