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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Attack of the Torn Muscle!!!

We were hit again....the attack of the torn muscle!!! I feel like I need that horror movie music playing! Dun....Dun....Dun...(just doesn't have the same effect when you read it).

Yesterday was another very eventful day for us!! The morning was pretty normal, other than this new phase that Junior Mint is going through (that I sure hope passes fast)! He asks for what he wants over and over and over and get the point. I think he is trying to wear me down to give in but it really just ends in time out for him, so hopefully it will be quick lived!!

Anyway, I was hurting around lunch but made lunch (which is very hard because our new fridge stopped working last Thursday and they can't come until tomorrow). We ate and I decided I needed my pain medicine cause it was getting worse. By the time I got to the bathroom to get the pills I could barely move. I dropped my pill (a narcotic) and it went under the couch. I got in the floor to try to find it and the evil torn muscle monster attacked in full force!!! I sat there crying and couldn't move!! All I could think was that I couldn't get my medicine and the dog would eat it and then that would be a whole other issue!! Junior Mint got my phone for me and I called our neighbor to come over. He came and got me my medicine and found the lost pill!! Him and his wife waited with me until the pain eased up! Luckily, it was nap time for Junior Mint so he went down and I sat down.

You can imagine what I was like with 2 pain killers in my system!! I laid down and was good for about an hour. THEN....I got this over whelming feeling of being sick. I threw up and threw up and threw up some more! I couldn't keep anything down, which made me dizzy and shaky. Mr. Goodbar came home early to try to help me out. My mom had called him worried and he called my doctor. The nurse wanted me to go to the hospital to double check everything.

When we got to the doctor it was about 5:30. They hooked me up and sure enough, contractions!! But that's nothing new!! The doctor did some more blood work (God knows what he is doing because I should be out of blood by now)!! They gave me IV fluids and medicine for the nausea--that knocked me out. Around 9:00 he came back and said everything looked okay...except my potassium was about a banana low! He told me to keep the induction on Monday. Well....given everything Mr. Goodbar was NOT okay with that! He asked why I had to continue with the pain if the baby was okay. He called the other doctor and they agreed to induce as soon as there was an available spot. (They can only have so many beds occupied by inductions because of people going into labor naturally) The first spot was Thursday...with the doctor I LOVE!! YEA!!! So, I have to call at 6 AM Thursday morning to see what time I can come!! Until then, I am very drugged up!! I have my pain medication plus nausea medication that makes me sleep!! Today, Mr. Goodbar has to go in for a few hours to finish up some things and Junior Mint and I are going with him! We are going to have lunch as a family of 3 one last time!!

Right now, we just need everything to calm down. It has been a CRAZY ride for weeks now! We are SO tired and run down. I actually think things will be calmer when the baby gets here as opposed to now!! Our house has been a revolving door and nothing has gone right! We are just ready to find our "new normal".

Please pray that everything goes smoothly tomorrow and
that we can find our "new normal" easily and quickly!!!

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