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Monday, June 14, 2010

End in sight???

Today was the same ole', same ole' thing! Up early and off to the doctor!

First, let me update on what has been going on!! Last weekend, we were back in the hospital, but not for labor pains (at first). I had a horrible pain in my side and wasn't sure what it was. The midwife and doctor thought I may have a problem with the placenta or an infection, so after several blood tests, ultrasound and pain meds they discovered that they are pretty sure it is a torn uterine muscle!! NOT FUN when it is the size of a beach ball!! They can't really confirm nor deny it until after I have the baby, seeing that you can't have any scans while pregnant! But, good news is it will heal on its own after I have the baby! While I was in the hospital I started "hard labor contractions" so much that the doctor and nurse were both convinced that it was labor and the doctor said 48-72 hours til we had a baby.....well, that came and went with NO LUCK!! They sent me home with pain medication to wait some more. I've had contractions about every day for 2-3 hours a day like that, I just have to suffer through them until they go away. Two doctors and the midwife told me to wait until 38 and 1/2 weeks and we would discuss what we could do!!

With that being said, we were more than anxious to make it to the doctor today!! I had already told myself not to get too excited. We were seeing the one doctor we haven't seen at all during this pregnancy. We went through everything we have been through in the last seven weeks. He said that for the baby's sake he wouldn't induce until next Monday! NOT the news I needed today!!

So, right now we are waiting on confirmation from the hospital that Monday is all set up! I'm still hoping that we don't make it there. This is getting unbearable! I am pretty much in constant pain of some sort, either contractions, pelvic pain or the torn muscle pain. I can only take the pain medication when I have someone here to watch Junior Mint!!

I know I've become "less than friendly" to most. I'm so tired of the same old questions with the same old answers! I know Mr. Goodbar is over all this!! He has done everything for 7 weeks now!! He has been Mommy and Daddy, done the laundry, done the cooking/cleaning and still had to work 50 hrs or so at work, do his consulting work at home and keep up with his commitments at church!! He has done an amazing job (especially considering he doesn't get much sleep because of me)!!

So....we know there is an end but I'm not quite sure it is in sight for us yet!!!

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Anonymous said...

Aw, Emily, I'm so sorry. I love you! It will all be over soon and well worth it! (I say that having never given childbirth! lol) If you need anything we are here. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!