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Thursday, June 24, 2010

On Thursday, June 17th (one week ago today) we welcomed our newest little nugget to the family!! Our beautiful baby boy weighed in at 7 lbs. 7 oz., 20 inches long!

It was a long process to get him here but once he decided to come…it was shorter than we EVER expected!!

Tuesday, I went back to the hospital with the same torn muscle pain I had been having, only this time I couldn’t get my pain meds down. The doctor decided to induce earlier…Thursday! We had to call at 6:00am to get our time to come in. The nurse told me to be there before 7:30am. We stopped at Chick-fil-A for breakfast and then we were off for what I thought would be a long day! We checked in at 7am and got all changed and hooked up. I was still having the same small contractions as normal (sad that had become normal). They started pitosin…A LOT of it!! The doctor broke my water about 10:45 or so and we were off. I was 4 cm. About 20 minutes later I asked for my epidural before the pain got too bad…well… the anesthesiologist was in another room so I had to wait. They sat me up and got me all ready and something about the movement caused things to go crazy! Instantly, I felt horrible back and pelvis pain, not really full blown contractions. I don’t think the nurse believed me because my contractions were only registering in the 20s. She kept saying “another one already??” At this point, I yelled at Mr. Goodbar, got mad at the nurse and started to think I wouldn’t make it until that anesthesiologist got there! But, as you guessed, I did make it! He came and started my epidural, set up the pump and we waited (I never got to the point of needing to press the button for more meds).

About 10 minutes later the nurse came and moved the monitor for the baby because they couldn’t get a heartbeat. They turned me about 20 times, 20 different directions. I had to flip and flop and turn and twist. They propped me up and dropped my head below my belly and still, couldn’t get a heartbeat. Mr. Goodbar, my mom and I all had this horrible feeling that a c-section was coming. Finally, she decided to check me saying “we will just see if this is it, but it can’t be already.” Sure enough, she said “well, there’s the baby and we are ready to go, NOW.”

My doctor said he would come back at noon to check on me. When he got there they told him we were ready. I started pushing at 12:10 and our newest little nugget arrived at 12:22pm. It was a total of about 1 hr 45 min. The baby nurse almost didn’t even make it there, the doctor called for her twice because it was so fast. It was truly an answer to prayers, because with the torn muscle I wasn’t sure how long/hard I could push.

Everything went great!! He did have a lot of fluid because of having such a quick delivery. He would gag and couldn’t get it up and start to turn blue. On Friday, they had to fill his little belly full of saline and flush it out. It made a HUGE difference and things were much better by Saturday.

We got released on Saturday and have been home ever since. Things are going well. We are trying to find our new normal! His weight is great, he’s eating great, he’s sleeping well and he is incredibly cute (looks just like Junior Mint did)!!

We are so excited and ready to see what the future holds!

(Just in case you were wondering, no we don’t have a name for him yet to add to our little Candy Store on here, we want to see how his personality develops first)

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