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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Waitin' it out....

I went back to the doctor yesterday to check on the little nuggets. Sadly, there wasn't really any change in the news from last Thursday!

He told me that nothing had really changed with my dilation and there was really nothing they could do for me right now! It's still too early to think about inducing. This was NOT the news I was hoping for yesterday!! I'm sure my disappointment was due to the fact that my pain was the worst I have had yet. My contractions were about every 4 minutes or less but they weren't getting any stronger, just strong enough to hurt but not do anything. The abdominal cramping was what was so bad...I couldn't really walk! The doctor told me the only thing to do was stay off my feet at this point for what little relief I could get, but there was no way to stop or ease the pain!

I was really disappointed all afternoon, but like I said, I'm sure the pain had a lot to do with that. I kept reminding myself all day that that was probably the answer I would get, but I guess I was hoping for better news! Not to mention, there is still the wedding on the 12th; it looks like Mr. Goodbar will be traveling by himself unless this little guy decides to come before the weekend!!

So now, the only thing is to wait! More waiting!!! I'm trying hard not to get discouraged! I know people reading this are thinking "you're only 36 1/2 weeks", but after having pre-term labor twice and all the medicine and constant pain/contractions for days, it's kind of hard not to want this baby to come NOW! I woke up this morning deciding that I would just go about everything as normal as possible, because it won't be long before we have a "new kind of normal" around here! I'm going to rest when I can, get off my feet when Junior Mint will cooperate (which he has been AMAZING lately), take a warm bath when the pain gets bad and try not to be impatient!!


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