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Friday, July 30, 2010

A new addition....a new look!

Please bare with me over the next week or so as I attempt to find a new look for our blog!

As some of you may have noticed, Google shut down my blog for a while. They said they suspected suspicious activity?? When I finally did get it back up and running several of my elements were gone. I knew I needed to change things but I guess that just confirmed it!!

You may see the progress, so don't be surprised if it changes several times a day!!

Please check back and see the changes that are being made. Hopefully, you will like the change!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A week in review...

I try to write more profound thoughts with a few updates here and there....however, lately it is all updates! This is totally our...


Last Thursday night (1 am feeding, so technically Friday morning) I noticed I was itching and realized my arms and belly were covered in hives...lots of hives! I took Benedryl and no response... they just kept getting worse. I went to Urgent Care when they opened. They said it was an allergic reaction and gave me 4 pills of Prednisone and that was about it. The hives and rash stayed but I was doing pretty well Friday night, considering! Saturday morning I woke up with hives COVERING my whole body!! It looked like my skin was boiling off there was so much redness and so many bumps. I then added a fever to the symptoms and it hurt to breathe. Sooooo... off to Urgent Care again! They looked at me, gave me a shot of steroids and sent me to the ER. There, the doctor thought it was an allergic reaction too, and gave me an IV of stronger steroids, Vistaril (like Benedryl) and Pepcid (which is an anti-histamine too). They ran test to check for a bacterial infection and look at some blood counts. Everything looked good. They sent me home with a steroid pack, Vistaril and Pepcid. I started to get better. The rash was going away and the itching was getting better. Sunday was a pretty good day! That's where that ends and it gets odd!!

Monday I woke up and couldn't move! Literally, my hands didn't work, they were COVERED with bright red spots. I was throwing up and in the bathroom. My arm and shoulder hurt to move; it was excruciating pain! My jaws didn't really open and it hurt to move them. My lips were swollen and my hives were returning. So, I went to my PCP doctor. They were NO help!! They had NO clue what it was and had no clue where to even begin. She got another doctor who looked at me and had some ideas. He thought thyroid problems or Lupus. They ran TONS of blood work and sent me home. I was miserable. I couldn't hold the little nugget; the weight of him in my arms was too much to bear. After that, the pain moved to all my joints and muscles. It hurt to move anything. I couldn't get my clothes off and I couldn't stand. Mr. Goodbar had to help me to the bathroom, but there was no where he could touch me that didn't hurt! I was miserable!!

Tuesday, was a little better. My joints and muscles were still aching. I was still itching and hurting. The pain was SO odd, unlike anything I had ever experienced. It would move from joint to joint and one minute it would be fine and then like a tidal wave it would hit!

Wednesday, about the same as Tuesday. Spent most of the morning trying to make a doctor's appointment for an Allergist/Immunologist.

This morning is what most of you are awaiting. Well, it was a good news day! We saw the Allergist/Immunologist this morning (He was great, by the way). We explained everything and he instantly said it was an allergic reaction. He looked at the pictures I had of me from Monday and explained the horrible pain. He said that was part of a severe anaphylactic reaction. I didn't know that meant more than breathing issues, but it does! He said whatever I am allergic to was causing a reaction inside that couldn't come out. The skin was getting better because the medicine was semi-working. The meds they gave me weren't strong enough to really get rid of the anaphylaxis, just suppress it for a little while. He doesn't know what I am allergic to and said we may never know. Right now, he has to work on getting it all out of my system! He thought it could be a reaction to the drugs from labor and deliver. He said it can be a couple of months before the drugs work their way through a person's system.

I did get all the blood work back, finally!! Everything was normal!! Prayers were answered there!! I can handle an allergic reaction compared to all the auto-immune disorders they were considering!

I go back to the allergist in a month. In the meantime, I am on a stronger, longer steroid to try to completely knock out whatever it is causing it. If I have the symptoms again, I have to do steroids again but hopefully, can get them sooner so the reaction won't be as severe. This new doctor is going to review my blood work just as a double check! I am still hurting though, and I get tired easily, especially my muscles. The pain moves from joint to joint... as I type this it is in my thumb, making it INCREDIBLY hard to type! Today, it seems to be effecting my eyes too. They are really tired and achy! Overall, I'm getting better, just dealing with the symptoms as they come and go. Hopefully, this new drug will work quickly and effectively and I can avoid another outbreak until I go back in August!

Thank you SO much for all the prayers. Please continue to pray that things get better and the pain continues to ease up. Also, please pray that I can avoid another breakout!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Learning from our kids....

WOW....that's still odd to say..."KIDS". That takes some getting used to!!

We strive to teach our kids the right and wrong things and how to be a morally sound person. We strive to teach them all the physical things they need to learn. We strive to teach them to read and write. I think we often forget to stop and take the time to learn from our kids.

This week I've had two lessons from my babies! The first was from the little nugget. At two and a half weeks he's already teaching Mommy some things. Ever since we brought him home from the hospital I was dying for the umbilical cord to fall off so he could have a REAL bath. Finally, Sunday morning (about 2 am to be exact) it happened. Then all the sudden I got kind of sad and emotional about it. Now, it could have been the lack of sleep or hormones taking over, but that doesn't change what I got out of it. I thought about what that little black thing meant. It was the last reminder of the time he spent in me, the time he spent directly connected to me, getting what he needed without needing to ask for it. Now, he is in a cold, harsh world where he has to cry to express his needs and often longs for being back in his comfortable place that he was so happy in. I thought about how we have a connection to God like that. He can give us EVERYTHING we need! We have a constant link between Him and us. We are in the same cold, harsh world crying for someone to listen to us for what we need, we often forget that we don't have to do that. We have the same kind of tie to God that my little guy had to me for nine months, a comfortable place to get our needs met. It is incredibly comforting to know that the connection we have to God will never be cut or fall off. No one can sever that bond. We can forget it is there and think he has left us, but that bond is never broken and we can always rely on God!!

The second lesson was from my incredible 2 year old, Junior Mint! We have a few Gideon Bibles laying around the house, Junior Mint got one and asked us to read it. Every night for about a week now we have read a few chapters with him. On Friday, he picked up the Bible and wanted me to read but I couldn't at that moment. He started flipping through the pages and page after page he said "God loves me". He told me that is what it said. I just looked at him and said "Yes, it does". I wish we all could remember that! Every page of the Bible is covered with "GOD LOVES ME!!" We want to point out the do and don't of the Bible and all the "rules" of church or being a Christian, when really every page says "God loves me!"

It amazes me the lessons I can get from my kiddos. The innocence that is behind some of the conversations we have and the joy that is in his heart takes my breath away!! We need to take the time to stop and listen to our kids sometimes. Sometimes, they can teach us things no one else can!!

Getting back in the swing of things....

It's really hard getting back into the swing of things...or finding a "new swing" is hard!

The little nugget was diagnosed with GERD; Junior Mint had the same thing soon after he was born! He is on Zantac, hopefully it will soon pass! They usually grow out of it in a few months. It is making getting on schedule harder than it should be, but we can do it!! I'm trying to stay positive to the fact that sleep WILL return to our household soon enough!!

Junior Mint is adjusting wonderfully!! He LOVES his baby brother. The first thing he says when he wakes up is "Where is ______?" and then he has to kiss him goodnight before he goes to bed. He is such a big helper!! He is like a little set of extra hands, which I could use about 5 more sets of hands these days!! We are SOOOO proud of him!!

Overall, we are doing well. The little nugget is growing like crazy! I'm feeling a thousand times better than when I was pregnant, just tired now!

The house is a mess, we are all tired, it's a lot louder around here....but we are loving our life!!