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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Getting back in the swing of things....

It's really hard getting back into the swing of things...or finding a "new swing" is hard!

The little nugget was diagnosed with GERD; Junior Mint had the same thing soon after he was born! He is on Zantac, hopefully it will soon pass! They usually grow out of it in a few months. It is making getting on schedule harder than it should be, but we can do it!! I'm trying to stay positive to the fact that sleep WILL return to our household soon enough!!

Junior Mint is adjusting wonderfully!! He LOVES his baby brother. The first thing he says when he wakes up is "Where is ______?" and then he has to kiss him goodnight before he goes to bed. He is such a big helper!! He is like a little set of extra hands, which I could use about 5 more sets of hands these days!! We are SOOOO proud of him!!

Overall, we are doing well. The little nugget is growing like crazy! I'm feeling a thousand times better than when I was pregnant, just tired now!

The house is a mess, we are all tired, it's a lot louder around here....but we are loving our life!!

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