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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Black and White

Yesterday, at a meeting for our new mom's program at church we decided on a theme of "Black and White". We talked about how things are black and white, not gray.

I've heard a lot of people saying "well, it depends or depends on the situation". NO, really it doesn't!! There is no gray area in life, well, in the life of Christians there is no gray area!! There is no, maybe I should do this because it is what is right "right now". There is no, well...the Bible isn't clear on that. There is no, there's no right or wrong here. Everything has a right and a wrong. Everything is BLACK OR WHITE!!!

I understand that people want to think there is a gray area in life. Life is a whole lot easier if there is gray area where we are left to decide what is wrong and right, or that there is no morality attached to it all. In all honesty, there is morality attached to almost every decision. Stick with me here....I know you are saying there are certain decision that are amoral. Is that true? Maybe, like which bathroom stall to use; but the bigger decisions are the ones I'm referring to. Our motives behind the decision are usually where the morality issue lies. Going to a certain grocery store doesn't seem like a moral issue, but if we choose that store because the guy who carries our groceries hits on has now become a moral issue. If you are choosing to drink because the Bible doesn't clearly lay it out (which, I will disagree there) that's a morality issues. Why are you drinking? Do you have more fun when you drink? What does "fun" mean? Do you hang out with different people when you drink? Are they Godly people? I know people can say they make all kinds of decisions without having to place morality behind it...but what happens when you really look at why you are doing something?

Say, you choose a certain grocery store because it saves money (the decision can stop there if it is to truly just save your family money). What are you planning to do with the money? Are you buying things you shouldn't be buying or spending money some where that you shouldn't? Now, don't get me wrong...I am ALL about saving money!! Don't take that the wrong way...but check the places in your life that you could be cutting to save more money! Do you need to search for money at the end of the month to pay the bills but your fridge is stocked with alcohol and your purse with cigarettes? Do your receipts show a lot of movies that you probably shouldn't be watching anyway? What about the time you spend clipping the coupons? Does the time you spend doing that amoral thing take time away from your husband/wife or kids? Does it cut out the time you have to read the Bible or spend time with God? If not, that's great..cut away!!

My point to all this is that life is really BLACK or WHITE! The so-called gray areas are really black or white that we have thrown the other color in just to suit what we want to do when we want to do it. Every decision can be made easily if we rely on Godly wisdom and the life instructions he has given us...the BIBLE!!

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