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Monday, February 28, 2011

Breathing a little easier....

Back to the doctor we went this morning for Twix! Saturday night he was coughing most of the night, that barking cough that no parent likes to hear. Sunday morning was a much dreaded sound in our household...wheezing!! We are having a cycle effect happening, he will be fine for 4-5 days then we will have coughing "fit" followed by a little wheezing. We do a breathing treatment and the wheezing goes away and the coughing last for a couple of days then we are back to fine for 4-5 days.

We went to the doctor and she did exactly what we thought was going to happen, a maintenance drug called Pulmicort. We do it one time a day, every day (by nebulizer) for a month and at his 9 month checkup we will see if that is enough, if not we will go to 2x a day until his birthday to get him through the cold/flu season and the spring allergy season. Hopefully, by that point he will be breathing a little easier and he can come off the medicine and we will be fine!!

Right now, it seems like a hassle to do it once a day but I would rather take 5 min. a day than have him on major steroids and the breathing treatments 4x a day!! He's just now "slimming" back down from the last round of steroids that made his little face so puffy and round. As cute as those cheeks were to kiss, I would rather have my healthy little boy back to normal!!

Just wanted to give an update on his "condition", which is what we are calling it now instead of an illness (not really sure that is a good thing) but it is what it is and we are just praying this takes care of everything!!

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