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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crazyville Update

I thought you might like an update on this crazyville we have going on around here. Right now we are in the midst of toddlerhood and I DON'T like it! Junior Mint turns 3 in a month and a half. I was trying to convince myself that when he turned 3 the terrible 2's would magically disappear and we wouldn't have anymore issues other than the typical minor incidents. Who am I kidding? Everyone keeps telling me..."forget terrible 2's, here come horrible 3's". YEA!!

Junior Mint is very 2 right now! He gets frustrated when he wants to do something and can't. We have major breakdowns because he thinks he doesn't need to nap or go to sleep but he is extremely tired. He has an abundance of energy but with it being cold and/or rainy ALL the time there is really no decent way of burning that energy so he is very hyper most of the time. He does love his brother, most days. There are some days he tells me he doesn't love him anymore and take him away but that is always very short lived!! He plays with him and constantly tries to make him laugh and man does he ever!! He does try to tackle him every now and then and sometimes Twix even cracks up at that. While we are having toddler issues...he is so sweet. He will randomly say things like "you're my favorite girl" or "Daddy is my favorite, favorite". He has starting saying "aye aye Captain" when we tell him to do something...that's from Veggie Tales I think. He will spend at least an hour a day singing, singing songs he knows, songs he makes up, singing what he is doing, singing names...anything that he can think of. He is also incredibly smart and he remembers everything!!

Now, Twix....he's something else right now. He is starting to really show his personality. He is almost always happy and laid back. He is working hard on those first teeth and that is causing some fussing. His biggest frustration right now is he wants to stand, all the time. He is standing and standing well, but he never wants to sit down. If you sit him down or he falls over he cries, eventually giving in to the fact that he has to sit. He has figured out how to stand up in the bath tub and never wants to sit in there...which is very hard with a soaped up little baby! He also is waving bye-bye. He has added some "words". Bub-bub and bye-bye, we thought were the same thing for a while until one night he kept saying "bub-bub" and we would respond by saying "bye-bye" and his frustration kept growing and he just kept saying it with increased volume and irritation. Finally, I said it sounds like you are trying to say "bubby" (what he calls his brother) he got all happy and went back to normally saying "bub-bub". It's like he was SOOOO happy that I finally figured out what he was trying to say. When he says bye-bye it is usually accompanied with the wave and when he says bub-bub he is usually looking at and smiling at Junior Mint so we are starting to understand the difference. He is also saying "Da Da", especially when Mr. Goodbar has been playing with him and he walks away and Twix wants him to come back. He's said "Ma Ma" a couple times but that's about it. He gets mad when Junior Mint takes a toy away from him and he "yells" at him, but man does he love his brother. He always looks for Junior Mint and laughs at him no matter what Junior Mint is doing (even if that involves being not-so-nice to him). He gets VERY mad when he runs out of food or he drops some. He is eating pretty much any baby food or I take what we are having and puree it up for him if it isn't anything spicy or odd for him. He loves when I make him pasta with chicken and carrots, that's probably his favorite "meal" but his absolute favorite thing right now is bananas. That child could eat 1o bananas if I let him. He is eating puffs and animal crackers (the natural kind, don't worry no trans fat here). His favorite snack is Baby Mum Mums. He can't get enough of those!! He is drinking well out of a straw and loves his cup. He is a great napper with 2 great 2 hr. naps a day and sleeps well at night. We have the occasional interruption when the dog goes crazy or Junior yells until he wakes up or the delivery man rings the bell 4 times like this past week which causes ALL of that to happen!! Twix is so sweet and is in such a discovery stage right now. He will give the best kisses and laughs all the time!!

So you may be crazy around here with a 2 year old and 7 month old but they are incredible boys and we are SO blessed!!!

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