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Monday, February 7, 2011

Sick Babies

I am thankful that we have made it halfway through the cold weather with only the "minor" issue of pneumonia with Twix back at Christmas. Then our house got hit again this weekend.

Last week, Mr. Goodbar got sick with a sinus infection and "junk", he had a pretty high fever to start. They put him on antibiotics and everything was looking better. Then, Saturday morning Twix woke up and felt incredibly hot. His temp was 102 and he had a barking off to the doctor we go (we are blessed to have a doctor that is open Saturday mornings). They checked him and ears and lungs were good. She then thought he had croup. From there they sent us to the children's hospital for a chest x-ray and blood work. Since he just had steroids less than a month ago for the pneumonia they didn't want to just give him a shot of them. I spent most of the day dealing with that. The x-ray and blood work were normal! Thank goodness!! She said it was viral and focus on keeping the fever down. That's exactly what we are doing. Motrin is keeping it down but as soon as it wears off it shoots back up...well, until this last time. It was only a low-grade fever of 100 now. He has added a runny nose but I assumed that would happen. Twix is doing well, happy, playing, eating....he's fine!

With Twix feeling that way I didn't make it to church yesterday. Mr. Goodbar took Junior Mint and then I met them for lunch then back home we went. By 4pm Junior Mint felt warm. I took his temp and found it to be 101.5. Motrin it was!! He went to sleep at 9 and then woke up at 10:30 and came into our room. I didn't have the heart to make him go back to his room being so hot so he slept on the floor beside me. I use the term sleep very lightly there. He tossed and turned ALL night and never really slept well (I think). He didn't get up until 8:30 and was still burning up so I gave him more medicine and it brought his temp down to 99 so he is good. His cheeks are red but other than that I think his is fine. When he got up he came up to me with his hand on his head and said "Mommy, I have a fever and need medicine". It was SO cute!

On top of that, last night before we put the kids to bed I wasn't feeling very well and started a fever. Mr. Goodbar said I was burning up when he kissed me good-bye this morning. My main issue is my sinuses. They are killing me. I feel like an elephant is on my face. I am off to the doctor at 2 pm so we shall see. Do kids get sinus infections? Are my kids feeling this too? They seem to be handling their illnesses a lot better than Mr. Goodbar and I!

Anyway, we are all okay, sick but okay. We will be. I told Mr. Goodbar there is nothing like a trip to the children's hospital to make you sad and feel so blessed and grateful!! I saw the parents pulling their kids in the wagons around the hospital and moms visiting their babies in the NICU and children with cancer telling their parents bye. It's funny how a simple illness gets me down, I can not imagine what it is like for those parents!!

Thank you God for my family and their health!!!

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