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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm ALIVE!!!

It's true, I'm ALIVE!! I haven't been sucked up by aliens or fallen into a deep dark hole! Things have been so hectic around here!

We did go on vacation to the beach. Twix experienced the ocean for the first time and I will do a post of that as soon as my wonderful Mr. Goodbar surrenders the pictures to me!

I had surgery on my head right before Easter to remove a bone lesion from my forehead. It came back benign and it was a pretty quick recovery. The only "bad part" was my head was hurting really bad after they removed the stitches and Mr. Goodbar looked at it and found they had missed one of the 15 stitches and it was healing over it. He removed it and then it was great!! They didn't shave any of my hair but you can see the scar in the front part of my hairline and I assume that will be there for awhile, but it's no big deal!!

I think I had written about our ENT appointment with Junior Mint where they wanted to test him for allergies. Well, we went yesterday and there were no significant allergies. He did pretty well considering it was 32 pricks. I think us holding him was the worst part. He suggested a new combination of medicines to ease the problem and we go back to the ENT on June 16th. I guess at the appointment we will discuss nasal surgery to reduce the tissue in his nose. I think that is much better than a lifetime of allergies and allergy shots!

As for Twix, he is growing up so fast. I am in major planning mode for his birthday. The little monkey turns 1 on June 17th!!

I promise to post pictures soon!!

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