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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our not so little man!

Our littlest man isn't so little anymore. We just celebrated his 1st birthday! He is 19.5 lbs and only about 8 inches shorter than his 3 year old brother! Side note: He is only about 11 lbs away from his brother too!

He is walking...really running everywhere! He is into EVERYTHING he can be. He sleeps SO well and loves to nap. He plays hard and sleeps harder! Twix loves his Bubby; loves to annoy him too. He likes to get him into trouble now. If Junior Mint touches him he will look around to see if we are watching and if we are, he will cry. I think he is starting to understand that isn't going to get Junior Mint in trouble.

Twix loves to cuddle and give kisses. He isn't speaking more words, but I think that is because his wonderful brother decides to talk for him most of the time.

They both are a handful. Twix can be into everything and Junior Mint can be a typical 3 year old, but they couldn't be more of a joy!!

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