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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Big change...B-I-G Change!!

Well...we have a major change happening for us. It isn't completely official, but it is pretty much said and done, barring any unforeseen things happening. No one knows except the 4 of us (well, I guess 3 since I'm pretty sure Twix has NO clue what we are talking about).

Junior Mint will start preschool August 29, 2011. He will attend school 3 days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00-1:00pm.

We visited this morning and loved it. He just keeps saying "I just can't wait to go to my school". He will be in class with 8-12 other 3 years olds with 2 teachers. He will spend his days rotating centers learning numbers, letters and writing. He will have creative play and arts and crafts. He will have Chapel, Bible stories and Bible verses to learn. He will have a party every month focusing on something different. They encourage parental involvement, which we love! Example, they celebrate Dads in September so Mr. Goodbar will have doughnuts with him one morning. Even grandparents can come be a mystery reader when they are in town! They are so wonderful, nice and flexible there!

This was a hard decision for us. Junior Mint has been home with me since he was born. We feel like the time has come for him to get a little more socialization and structure outside of the home. We didn't want him somewhere 5 days a week or all day. This way he will gain new friends and new skills. We are very confident in the school we have chosen.

Now, comes the preparation for him to be gone. This is very sad but very exciting. I know he will flourish and love it. I am confident they will take good care of him!

Please pray that the transition goes smoothly for him (and me)!!